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Letter signed pledging I-64 interchange support

Commissioner Carl (Buck) Mathes Monday morning amended the minutes from the Board of Commissioners’ previous meeting to state that he only wants $1 million to be appropriated upfront by the county council for the Interstate 64 west interchange project.
The entire estimated cost for the project is about $15 million, but $9.05 million of federal funding has been earmarked for the project, so the county’s portion will be about $5.8 million. But, Mathes said, the county will only need to spend about $1 million this year. The council will, however, have to vote to show its intent to fund the county’s entire $5.8 million through a letter of support.
‘The commissioners and council recognize the importance of improved safety and improved operations for motorists accessing the Corydon area, as well as the importance of improving emergency response times for the Harrison County Hospital and enhancing the economic development opportunities for our state-certified Industrial Park … ‘ the letter reads. ‘We wish to inform the Indiana Department of Transportation that we agree to advance the design and construction of the interchange project contingent upon the execution of an Interlocal Agreement between the Indiana Department of Transportation and Harrison County, that identifies a location for the interchange that would be acceptable to Harrison County.’
The letter has already been signed by Mathes and Commissioner Chair James Goldman (Commissioner Jim Klinstiver was absent) and now will go before the council for approval and signature.
‘It just shows the county is sincere, putting our money where our mouth is,’ Mathes said.
The council will discuss the letter and funding at its next meeting, which will be Monday night at 7 at the Government Center in Corydon.
In other business, the board passed $23,200 worth of additionals to the council for the parks department. Parks director Claudia Howard said the department will be short $7,000 in fuel, $6,000 in utilities, $5,000 in concession supplies, $3,000 in maintenance, $2,000 in chemical supplies and $200 for tires. The request should last the department until the end of the year, she said.
The board also passed a total of nearly $29,000 for maintenance supervisor David Simon, who said $10,000 is needed to replace the double oven at the Harrison County Justice Center, $15,000 to re-paint the jail (at the request of Sheriff Rodney Seelye), $3,000 to replace the food disposal in the jail and $800 for the installation of electrical circuits.
Simon said the inmates, with supervision, will paint the inside of the jail, as has been done in the past.
The commissioners’ next meeting will be Monday, Aug. 15, at 7:30 p.m. at the Government Center in Corydon.