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Officials investigate near-drownings

Indiana Conservation Officers were investigating two near-drownings on Big Indian Creek near downtown Corydon yesterday evening (Tuesday).
Conservation Officer Jim Hash said just before 8 last night that they were talking with witnesses at the scene near a dam southeast of the YMCA of Harrison County near the Corydon Water Treatment plant.
Emergency Medical Services from Harrison County Hospital in Corydon were dispatched to the scene at about 6:45 p.m.
Conservation Officer Mac Spainhour, who serves as public information officer for the district, said that three males, in their late teens, had been playing around next to the creek.
Witnesses said they saw the teens throwing rocks in the creek at one point then they didn’t see them for awhile. A short time later the witnesses said they heard someone screaming, ‘Help! Help!’
Two of the teens were stuck in the ‘boil,’ the recycled water that makes a turbine motion, on the downstream side of the dam, Spainhour said. ‘The only way out of it is if the boil breaks.’
Somehow the two teens broke free, and the third teen was able to pull them to shore.
Spainhour said witnesses speculated the teens had lost their footing and slipped into the creek.
One of the teens was taken to HCH and the other was transported to University Hospital in Louisville.
Spainhour said both teens were in ‘very critical’ condition last night.
The dam was the scene of a double drowning several years ago, Spainhour said.
He said dams, especially with water as high as it is now, are ‘unbelievably dangerous.
‘Usually, the water wins,’ Spainhour said. ‘In this case, let’s hope it doesn’t.’
Conservation Officer Jim Schreck, the lead investigator for the incident, was gathering additional information late last night.