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North Harrison takes 3rd, sends several to regional

North Harrison takes 3rd, sends several to regional
North Harrison takes 3rd, sends several to regional
North HarrisonÂ’s Marcus Robb jumps off the long jump board to record a distance. Robb was one of many Cougars to qualify for regional. Photo by Brian Smith (click for larger version)

The Floyd Central Highlanders won in a big way at the Floyd Central track and field sectional Thursday night, totaling 185-1/2 points ahead of runner-up New Albany (124). The Highlanders won eight events and scored in nearly all the events.
‘We were thinking we would get somewhere around 150 or 160 and thought somebody would match that if they had a chance,’ said Floyd Central coach Lane Oxley. ‘New Albany had a chance, but I didn’t think it would happen when (sprinter) Jermaine (Parrish) went down. We about lost some guys, too, so it was a lot of things. A lot of the kids ran really well tonight.’
The Highlanders swept both the pole vault and discus in the field events. Logan Kelly (11-6) and Blake Moutoux (10-6) went 1-2 in the pole vault, and Codie Hamsley (167-10) and Austin Faulkenburg (156-10) swept the discus. Crawford County’s Johnny Schwartz also became a regional qualifier with a throw of 135-6-1/2 for third place.
North Harrison dominated the first of the running events, winning the 3,200-meter relay. The Cougars covered the distance in a time of 8:19.25, beating Borden (8:30.15), Floyd Central (8:30.74) and Corydon Central (8:33.18).
Cougars anchor Jonathon Reynolds said sometimes having such a lead can be tough on a runner who is not being pushed by his opponents.
‘It’s tough sometimes knowing maybe you can slow down and still win, but anything can happen,’ he said. ‘You never know what will happen, so you’ve just got to go all out. If anything, you’re just improving, going for your best time. You can’t slow down just because you think you can.’
Crawford County’s relay team finished fifth but was not automatically shut out of the regional meet. Team anchor Chase Broughton received word earlier in the week that the Cougars would scratch their relay team out of the regional if they won at sectional.
Floyd Central’s Kyle Bramble took the first of the sprinting events, winning the 100-meter dash. Bramble’s main competition, New Albany’s Jermaine Parrish, suffered an injury in the preliminaries, leaving Bramble with a wide-open door.
Corydon Central sprinter Austin Bray took full advantage. The junior placed fourth in the 100 (11.98 seconds) and the same in the 200 (24.11). The top-four finishers in each event move on to Thursday’s regional.
Reynolds gave the Cougars another win in the 1,600-meter run. The North Harrison sophomore had to kick in an extra gear in the final 200 meters of the race to pull away from New Albany’s Anthony La Porte, winning in a time of 4:30.27. Floyd Central’s Cory Portwood was third, and North Harrison’s Kyle Chesser was fourth.
‘I had a couple of different plans on how the race goes out,’ Reynolds said. ‘I was kind of hoping for a faster pace. Just being prepared, you know, you’ve got to have a race plan for what you are going to do if that happens. That’s what I wanted to do, so I executed it.’
Chesser said he knew he would have to make his move at the same time Reynolds did.
‘I was basically basing my whole race on him,’ said Chesser. ‘I figured I’d keep them at reach the entire race. I didn’t know they would have that good of a kick. The three people finishing in front of me, including Jonathon, I’ve got a nice enough kick to catch those three people.’
North Harrison’s Ryan Foster kept an eye on Reynolds later in the 800-meter run. The difference this time, however, was that Foster had two extra gears and got by Reynolds 50 meters from the finish to get the win in a time of 2:01.08. Reynolds finished second at 2:01.47. Corydon Central’s Cheyenne Smith was fifth.
‘I told Johnny before the meet in the 800, the last 200, I was going to get him,’ Foster said. ‘I decided I was going to hang with them and, the last 200, I was going to go for it, everything that I had.’
Foster said the last time he had beaten Reynolds was in junior high.
‘I used to beat him all the time, but I guess he got tired of it,’ Foster said. ‘He decided he was going to start beating me.’
Floyd Central senior Brock Slavens had a near disaster in the 300 hurdles. Leading by several steps over New Albany’s Brett Wehmiller, Slavens caught his lead foot in the top of the final hurdle of the race and crashed hard to the track. Slavens looked back enough to see Wehmiller coming and quickly got up to still get the win. Slavens’ teammate Quinton Miller also edged Wehmiller, who finished third.
‘I was on pace for breaking 39 (seconds) and, that last hurdle, I was tired and my foot clipped into the slot and I fell down,’ Slavens said. ‘I had to get up and finish first after that, so I was happy with that.’
South Central’s Tyler Hutchinson placed fifth in the hurdle event.
North Harrison junior Johnnie Guy ran away with the 3,200-meter run, winning in a time of 9:37.22. Guy’s brother, Josh (9:57.51), paced with him most of the race but was finally split by New Albany’s Andrew Hirsch, who finished second (9:53.74). Corydon Central’s Levi Taylor broke the 10-minute mark, placing fourth in 9:59.78.
‘Josh wanted to stick with me (the) first mile so he could break 10 (minutes),’ Johnnie said. ‘I told him to stay on me for as long as he could. If he died, he died, but you’ve got to go out fast. We were a little slow in the first mile. I wanted to break 9:40 and that was my 9:40 pace right there. I had to pick it up a little bit to reach my goal.’
All three of Corydon Central’s relay teams earned regional bids. In the 400 relay, Jacob Keith, Marcus Jones, Brandon Faris and Bray made up the fourth-place team. In the 1,600 relay, the team of Max Murray, Faris, Smith and Keith placed fourth. The 3,200 team also was fourth, with Luke Burch, Taylor Stepro, Taylor and Smith competing.
North Harrison’s Marcus Robb made it out in the long jump. His best leap was 19-8-1/2.
South Central’s Kyle Pease was the lone Rebel to earn a regional bid. The sophomore cleared 6 feet to place third in the high jump.
The boys’ regional meet is tomorrow (Thursday) at Bloomington North at 6 p.m. The top-three finishers in each event earns a ticket to the state finals.

Boys team scores ‘ 1. Floyd Central 185.5, 2. New Albany 124, 3. North Harrison 93, 4. Clarksville 40, 5. Corydon Central 40, 6. Borden 38, 7. Christian Academy 33, 8. Crawford County 27, 9. South Central 24.5, 10. Providence 13, 11. Lanesville 5.
Boys’ individual results (top 4 to regional) ‘ 100 ‘ 1. Bramble (FC) 11.08, 2. Bradley (NA), 3. Lukes (Clkvl), 4. Bray (Co); 200 ‘ 1. Rue (FC) 23.37, 2. Jenkins (FC), 3. Lukes (Clkvl), 4. Bray (Co); 400 ‘ 1. Wirth (FC) 53.06, 2. Lessig (FC), 3. Weaver (CAI), 4. Jenkins (NA); 800 ‘ 1. Foster (NH) 2:01.08, 2. Reynolds (NH), 3. Williams (Bor), 4. Reynolds (FC); 1,600 ‘ 1. Reynolds (NH) 4:30.27, 2. LePorte (NA), 3. Portwood (FC), 4. Chesser (NH); 3,200 ‘ 1. Johnny Guy (NH) 9:37.22, 2. Hirsch (NA), 3. Josh Guy (NH), 4. Taylor (Co); 110 hurdles ‘ 1. Wehmiller (NA) 14.52, 2. Slavens (FC), 3. Miller (FC), 4. Underwood (NA); 300 hurdles ‘ 1. Slavens (FC) 40.97, 2. Miller (FC), 3. Wehmiller (NA), 4. Reynolds (NA); 400 relay ‘ 1. Floyd Central 43.20, 2. New Albany, 3. North Harrison, 4. Corydon Central; 1,600 relay ‘ 1. Floyd Central 3:30.07, 2. New Albany, 3. Christian Academy of Indiana, 4. Corydon Central; 3,200 relay ‘ 1. North Harrison 8:19.25, 2. Borden, 3. Floyd Central, 4. Corydon Central; High jump ‘ 1. Wehmiller (NA) 6-2, 2. Reynolds (NA), 3t. Miller (FC), 3t. Pease (SoCent); Pole vault ‘ 1. Kelly (FC) 11-6, 2. Moutoux (FC), 3. Willis (Bor), 4. Lynch; Long jump ‘ 1. Middleton (NA) 21-1-1/4, 2. Bramble (FC), 3. Golden (NA), 4. Robb (NH); Shot put ‘ 1. Delbridge (CAI) 43-9-1/2, 2. Atkins (NA), 3. Schnell (Clkvl), 4. Hamsley (FC); Discus ‘ 1. Hamsley (FC) 167-10, 2. Austin Faulkenburg (FC), 3. Schwartz (CC), 4. Dones (Clkvl).