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Talented field filled North Harrison Inv.

Talented field filled North Harrison Inv.
Talented field filled North Harrison Inv.
Two of the fastest sophomores in the state: North HarrisonÂ’s Jonathan Reynolds, right, competes against Barr-ReeveÂ’s Conner Sorrell in the 1,600-meter run. Photos by Brian Smith (click for larger version)

The Brownstown Central Braves and Lady Braves swept the North Harrison Invitational track meet Friday night. The boys’ team dominated with a 50-point win over runner-up Corydon Central, while the Lady Braves bested runner-up North Harrison, 170-87.
In the girls’ field events, both Brownstown Central and the Lady Cats got two wins each, while Silver Creek’s Molly Voyles won the pole vault. North Harrison’s Amanda Hartley won the shot put and discus. Hartley’s throw of 33 feet, 11 inches in the shot put was just enough by a half-inch.
‘Sometimes that happens,’ Hartley said. ‘With six throws altogether and the finals, you can’t count yourself out until the last throw. My dad told me, ‘You’re going to have to prove yourself or not get first place.’ ‘
‘It was close,’ she said. ‘It kind of got me nervous. I have trouble with my glide. I open up too early, and, on that last throw, I told myself to stay down and just rip through. I did, and it went out.’
In the first of the running events, Crawford County’s Travis Banet gave the Wolfpack 10 points with a win in the 110-meter hurdles. Banet later placed second in the 300 hurdles behind South Central’s Tyler Hutchinson.
‘It’s pretty hard,’ Banet said. ‘I felt like I got a good start. It wasn’t my best time, but towards the end I started tiring out. I hit a couple of hurdles with my butt and that slowed me down a little bit.’
The smaller Banet has to run a different style than other hurdlers because of his size, but he has the speed to make up the difference.
‘The big hurdlers three-step between each hurdle, and I do four,’ he said. ‘Where they just go over with the same leg on each leap, I alternate legs. You’ve got to be a lot quicker between them when you’ve got to take four steps instead of three. Hopefully, I’m going to get to three.’
North Harrison’s Mallory Allgeier had a good hurdles night with a second-place finish in the 100 meters (16.6 seconds) and then coming back to win the 300 event in a time of 57.4 seconds.
‘I four-stepped the second to last one,’ Allgeier said of the 100-meter event. ‘I knew she was right next to me. If I had three-stepped, I probably would have got that. I was hoping my nose was big enough, but it wasn’t.’
Allgeier said she still has room to improve.
‘I feel like I’m at 80 percent,’ she said. ‘I feel like I can do a little better. At least I hope so.’
North Harrison’s Jon-athon Reynolds knew he would have a tough run in the 1,600 meters against Barr Reeve’s Conner Sorrell. Sorrell is half of the school’s two-man track team. Without a track to practice on, Sorrell has to improvise, at times running around an oval cemetery. Reynolds and Sorrell ran together the first three laps then Sorrell took over for good, going on to win in a time of 4:22. Sorrell also dominated the 3,200 meters.
‘He’s a good runner,’ Reynolds said. ‘He had the stronger body at the end of the race. We were in the Junior Olympics together. Our team won, and we were their No. 1 and 2 runners. We’re friends, and he’s a cool guy.’
‘I’m sure (not having a track) gives him motivation, but then again that’s also a disadvantage sometimes,’ he said. ‘He has nothing to lose. He can just train as hard as he wants, and I can, too, but his kind of situation gives him a lot of heart. ‘ He ended up being the stronger one at the end.’
South Central’s Rachel Pease was also a winner in both the girls’ 1,600 and 3,200 meters. In the 1,600 meters, she ran a time of 5:38. In the 3,200, she finished in 12:28. The Lady Rebels junior said the cool air was a help and that she felt strong in both runs.
‘It was a good race,’ she said after winning the 1,600 meters. ‘I love the cool weather, so it was really good. I felt like I just had to go out instead of getting caught back. My sister always tells me to be uncomfortable. If I’m comfortable, then I’m not working hard, so I just had to keep doing that. ‘ I definitely feel like I’m in better shape than I was last year. I tried hard over the winter.’
The 400-meter dash was a race dominated by Corydon Central. Eric Tibbs overcame some nerves to pull away from the field to win in a time of 52.8 seconds. In the girls’ race, Lady Panthers Danielle Uesseler earned a first-place spot in a time of 1:01.9.
‘I was nervous,’ Tibbs admitted. ‘I hadn’t been at practice this whole week. I was real nervous because I thought I was going to come out and do terrible. As soon as I heard the gunshot, when I got (in the turn), I knew I wasn’t doing well, so I picked it up on the back straightaway. As soon as I got (on the last turn), I knew I had to pick it up more and ran it out on the turn. I just wanted to keep on running and not look back.’
‘I thought I would run slower than that since I was out of shape,’ she said. ‘I was surprised I did that. I thought I wasn’t going to pull it out like that. It’s awesome to do that.’
‘I’m happy,’ Uesseler said following her run. ‘I’m tired, but I’m good, though. It’s harder to run in the cold. It makes my muscles feel tight. I knew there was a girl in blue. She was right behind me. I knew I just had to keep going and push it through.’
Teams will get into their conference meets next week, with the Mid-Southern Conference May 10 and 12 and the Patoka Lake Athletic Conference May 13 at Perry Central. Sectionals will take place May 17 at Corydon Central for the girls and May 19 for the boys at Floyd Central.

County meet canceled

The Harrison County track and field meet, originally scheduled for yesterday (Tuesday), was canceled due to inclement weather and will not be rescheduled.

Girls’ team scores ‘ 1. Brownstown Central 170, 2. North Harrison 87, 3. Corydon Central 65, 4. Providence 48, 5. Eastern (Pekin) 40, 6. Salem 29, 7. Silver Creek 24, 8. South Central 20, 9. Paoli 19, 10. Charlestown 16, 11. Borden 14, 12. Crawford County 19, 13. Lanesville 6, 14. Clarksville 5, 15. Christian Academy of Indiana 1.
Girls’ individual results ‘ Long jump ‘ Allen (BC) 15-9-1/2; High jump ‘ Brown (BC) 5-0; Discus ‘ Hartley (NH) 101-11; Shot put ‘ Hartley (NH) 33-11; Pole vault ‘ Voyles (SiCr) 10-0; 100 ‘ Allen (BC) 13.1; 200 ‘ Allen (BC) 27.4; 400 ‘ Uesselor (CoC) 1:01.9; 800 ‘ Otto (BC) 2:33.7; 1600 ‘ Pease (SoC) 5:38; 3200 ‘ Pease (SoC) 12:28; 100 hurdles ‘ Allman (BC) 16.49, 300 hurdles ‘ Allgeier (NH) 51.4; 400 relay ‘ Brownstown Central 45.1; 400 freshman relay ‘ Paoli 47.3; 1600 freshman relay ‘ Corydon Central 4:37.1; 1600 relay ‘ Brownstown Central 4:34; 3200 relay ‘ Brownstown Central 10:52.
Boys’ team scores ‘ 1. Brownstown Central 119, 2. Corydon Central 69, 3. North Harrison 61, 4. Salem 56, 5. Eastern (Pekin) 47.5, 6. Paoli 29, 7. Silver Creek 28, 8. Borden 26, 9. Crawford County 23, 10. Clarksville 22, 11. Barr Reeve 20, 12. South Central 14, 13. Christian Academy of Indiana 8.5, 14. Providence 8, 15. Evansville Reitz 8, 16. Medora 1, 17t. Charlestown 0, 17t. Lanesville 0.
Boys’ individual results ‘ Long jump ‘ Farras (CoC) 19-6; High jump ‘ Grisby (Sa) 6-2; Pole vault ‘ Hoke (SiCr) 13-0; Shot put ‘ Baker (BC) 51-10-1/2; Discus ‘ Baker (Bo) 148-0-1/2; 100 ‘ Higdon (E) 11.5; 200 ‘ Scarlett (BC) 23.4; 400 ‘ Tibbs (CoC) 52.8; 800 ‘ Reynolds (NH) 2:03.3; 1600 ‘ Sorrels (BR) 4:22; 3200 ‘ Sorrells (BR) 9:37; 110 hurdles ‘ Banet (CrCo) 16.3; 300 hurdles ‘ Hutchinson (SoC) 43.66; 400 relay ‘ Brownstown Central 52.2; 400 freshmen relay ‘ Corydon Central 57.1; 1600 relay ‘ Corydon Central 3:42.2; 1600 freshmen relay ‘ Brownstown Central 3:58.4; 3200 relay ‘ Borden 8:35.3.