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Pool repairs needed before opening day

The weather may not have many thinking about swimming season, but Claudia Howard, director of the Harrison County Parks Department, is preparing to open pools in possibly two weeks.
Howard brought three requests totaling more than $30,000 to the board of commissioners Monday morning, one of which was declared an emergency by the parks board.
The board sent the emergency request of just more than $21,000 for drainage repairs at the two county pools to the county council. Howard said the May & Joe Rhoads Memorial Pool in Corydon and at South Harrison Park near Elizabeth need to have a new drain system put in place to be in compliance with year-old regulations. Howard said the system is needed to ensure people can’t get trapped in the drain at the bottom of the pools.
‘We’re going to try to open on May 18,’ she said. ‘The bottom drains in the pools need to be modified.’
Commissioner James Goldman said he wanted to see the legislation requiring the change.
‘Usually, when you remodel a building, you have to bring it up to code,’ he said.
Howard said this is different because it involves safety. She said the legislation has been in effect for a year now, but the board has just recently been informed of the measures needed to be in compliance.
The board passed the additional on to the council out of riverboat gaming contingency funds.
Another additional for the parks department, for $9,000, was passed to the council for poolside chairs. Howard came to the commissioners with the request at the end of 2010, but she was told to return before the summer season this year. Howard said new chairs have not been purchased for the pools for at least seven years and, during that time frame, 50 chairs have had to be thrown out. The request was also taken out of the contingency fund.
Howard’s final request was for $700 to be placed in the tire budget line because she said more tires than expected have to be replaced. It was also passed to the council.
In other business, Steve Gilliland, executive director of the Harrison County Community Foundation, and Bill Thomas, the Foundation’s finance chair, updated the board on the county’s community fund, which is close to reaching $50 million. Of that, $4.2 million is available for use.
Thomas said the fund returned 3.6 percent in the first quarter of the year and had a strong April, almost doubling the positive percentage return year-to-date.
‘We thought that was pretty good,’ Thomas said.
Goldman said all of the markets are beginning to climb.
‘I just hope that translates into jobs for people,’ he said.
Thomas said the country is slowly gaining back in all facets of the economy.
The board appointed Lance Richards to succeed the late Dr. Kenneth Oppel on the county’s health board. Richards, who is the principal at Morgan Elementary School, was recently named Oppel’s successor as assistant superintendent of the North Harrison Community School Corp. Richards begins his new duties June 1.