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Officials praise military mission in Pakistan

Harrison County Commissioner Chairman James Goldman, a Navy veteran, couldn’t help but take the opportunity Monday morning at the beginning of the public county commissioners meeting in Corydon to express pride in the Navy SEAL team that, just the day before, had executed a mission to kill the world’s No. 1 terrorist target, Osama bin Laden, the man behind multiple attacks carried out by al-Qaida including the 9/11 attack on American soil.
‘I was pretty elated when I got the news of our military victory in Pakistan last night,’ Goldman said. ‘I know how elite and how good they (Navy SEALs) are.’
Goldman said he worked closely alongside and trained with Navy SEALs during his time in the Navy. He said it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be a SEAL, and that most who try end up flunking out.
‘I take personal pride,’ he said. ‘It certainly is a big battle win in our favor. I hope the victims’ families (from 9/11) find some type of closure.’
He said bin Laden wasn’t accomplishing anything but murdering innocent people.
‘We wanted to bring him back, dead or alive,’ Goldman added.
Goldman said the small, late-arriving crowd for the commissioners’ meeting must have been out celebrating the death of the terrorist and some of his top aides.
The county’s veterans service officer, Marion Wallace, said it’s about time the United States killed bin Laden.
‘To me, it seems like it has taken a long time,’ he said. ‘With our abilities, it shouldn’t take that long.’
He said that, hopefully, bin Laden’s death will put an end to a worldwide problem.
‘Better sooner than later,’ he said. ‘I hope they don’t slow down on the hunt for his replacement.’
Wallace said bin Laden’s death is only a small deterrent to the terrorist network.
Indiana Ninth District Congressman Todd Young said in a statement that the news of bin Laden’s death represents a major victory in the ongoing war to protect America from violent extremists.
‘As we learn more about this encouraging development, we must remain vigilant in that cause,’ Young said. ‘We must also never forget the sacrifice so many brave troops and their families have given on behalf of all Americans.’
Indiana Sen. Dan Coats shared similar feelings, saying this was the news so many have waited to hear since learning bin Laden was responsible for attacking Americans on Sept. 11, 2001.
‘The success of this mission is the result of the persistent efforts of our intelligence officers and the brave service of American’s military men and women.’
On Monday, President Barack Obama described bin Laden’s death as a ‘good day’ for America.