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Group seeks support for museum plan

Karen Schwartz, president of the Historical Society of Harrison County, visited the county board of commissioners Monday night to ask for support and for a commissioner to join the group on a fact-finding committee to start the process of creating a Harrison County museum.
‘As we all know, Harrison County has a wealth of historical and cultural heritage,’ Schwartz said. ‘The Historical Society of Harrison County firmly believes that this legacy should be preserved and made accessible for years to come. A Harrison County museum will help us ensure that the stories of Harrison County are passed on in an informative and respectful manner for future generations.’
Schwartz said the historical society has held two public ‘March to the Museum’ meetings with significant community support.
Schwartz, who was joined by several supporters, requested the board to consider supporting the museum as a Harrison County entity.
The board agreed to place a representative on the committee, but it did not make a decision whether to incorporate the museum as a county entity. Also, no funding was requested of the county.
Commissioner Carl (Buck) Mathes was appointed to the committee to facilitate the development of a museum, joining Schwartz, Bill Brockman, Dick Brown, Cathy Fischer, Shirley McKim and Carl Snyder, who were appointed at the historical society’s last museum meeting. A to-be-determined county council representative will also join the committee. The committee will report back to the commissioners.
Schwartz said the historical society is a passionate and efficient organization capable of leading the effort to make the dream of a county museum a reality. She said the organization will develop a realistic strategy and timeline.
During a break in the meeting, Commissioner James Goldman said he, in principle, supports the idea.
‘There’s a lot of visitors that come to the county,’ he said. ‘They want to look at things.’
Goldman said Schwartz is the type of person who could lead the museum project and could ‘fill a museum.’
He said that neither the location of a museum nor the funding of its construction has been discussed.
The committee plans to meet briefly Tuesday evening following the Society’s regular scheduled quarterly meeting at 7. The topic of the meeting will be home remedies. The group meets at the Harrison County Community Foundation building in Corydon. The meeting is open to the public.