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New Year’s baby born Monday

New Year’s baby born Monday
New Year’s baby born Monday
Braelyn Christine Sillings is the first baby born in 2011 at Harrison County Hospital in Corydon, arriving Jan. 3 at 4:53 a.m. Her parents are Brooke and Wyatt Sillings of Marengo. Photo by Jo Ann Spieth-Saylor (click for larger version)

Brooke and Wyatt Sillings of Marengo had thought their first child was about to arrive last month. So, they gathered their packed bag and went to Harrison County Hospital in Corydon, only to be sent home later after Brooke experienced false labor.
On Sunday, Brooke said she was lying in bed when labor pains struck again. This time, upon arriving at HCH, she was admitted at 7:45 p.m. Less than nine hours later, a healthy baby girl was delivered by Dr. Analiza Justo, who filled in for Brooke’s regular doctor, Joseph Sauer.
Braelyn Christine Sillings arrived at 4:53 a.m., weighing 7 pounds, 4.4 ounces and was 20-1/2 inches long.
The couple said they hadn’t grabbed their bag Sunday, expecting to be sent home again, as Brooke’s due date wasn’t until Jan. 5. Instead, they only took their cell phone and camera. The phone came in handy, as they used it to call their parents on the way to the hospital.
An ultrasound during the pregnancy prepared the couple for a daughter, pleasing Wyatt, 22, who was wearing a ‘Team Daddy’ T-shirt Monday.
‘I thought it was going to be a boy,’ said Brooke, 18, who works at Fashion Bug in Corydon.
Until the ultrasound, she had 15 boy names tabbed for selection. The couple had just one girl’s name picked.
‘He really wanted a girl, so he was happy,’ Brooke said of her husband, an employee at DMI Furniture in Huntingburg. ‘I didn’t care.’
The baby’s middle name was chosen for several reasons: it is Brooke’s middle name, as well as the name of an aunt and her late grandmother. The first name happened to be one Brooke saw the day she learned she was pregnant.
Braelyn’s grandparents are Brad and Patricia Tyler of Leavenworth and Kent and Tana Sillings of Marengo. Great-grandparents are Patsy Fraime of Sulphur and Jim and Judy Brown of Marengo. She also has an aunt, 12-year-old Bree Tyler, who was there for the birth, and an uncle, Cameron Sillings, 15, who got out of school early Monday to see the baby.
The couple expected to be released today (Wednesday).