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Tort claims continue for jail, county

Another tort claim was recently filed alleging personal injuries, emotional distress and civil rights violations at the Harrison County Jail in Corydon. At least 12 claims have been filed against the jail and the county.
Attorney John L. Smith of Faith-Ingle-Smith LLC filed a claim on behalf of Nicholas Reisser of Louisville. Reisser has been incarcerated at the jail since June.
While incarcerated, according to the claim, he developed a severe tooth-ache in July and put in several medical request slips to address the issue. The claim said he made specific complaints to medical officer James Mabon.
‘He was repeatedly denied access to appropriate medical/dental care until Sept. 29, where it was immediately determined his No. 32 rear wisdom tooth needed to be (and was) extracted, which solved his problems,’ the claim said. ‘As a result of not being allowed appropriate and timely medical/dental care, he was forced to endure extreme pain and suffering and emotional trauma which affected his ability to sleep and eat.’
The claim names Mabon, Sheriff G. Michael Deatrick, the sheriff’s department, county commissioners and the Indiana Political Subdivision Risk Management Commission.
In a related matter, the board of commissioners received a letter addressed to Chairman James Goldman from inmate Christopher Kiviniemi.
‘For 6-1/2 months, I’ve had a major problem with my right hip,’ the letter said. ‘When I first started complaining about this medical condition, I was ignored, somewhat abused, punished, then denied medical assistance by officer James Mabon.’
He said grievances and complaints were ignored, and he felt intimidated and threatened to the extent of not pushing the issue. Now that Mabon is no longer at the jail, the letter said, Kiviniemi attempted to find out what was wrong with him.
‘The doctor here won’t even acknowledge a medical request with my name on it,’ he said.
Kiviniemi said he’s had a degenerative disc disease since 2005, and the jail doctors told him nothing was wrong with his spine.
‘Everyone wants to sue this jail ’cause of the medical neglect and abuse by officers,’ he said. ‘As for myself, all I truly want is to find out what’s wrong with me, so it can get taken care of.’
He said the jail has become a modern-day concentration camp. Kiviniemi ended his letter with ‘please help me’ in all capital letters.