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Chance of new beginning

‘This is the beginning of a new day … ‘ begins the plaque I have on my bathroom wall. It reminds me daily that, regardless of what happened the previous day, I have another opportunity to do something good, to have a positive impact or to simply have no regrets about the day’s events.
And so it is with our government, starting at the local level and continuing all the way up to the national level, as another election goes into the history books. Yesterday the people had their say. And, by now, hopefully, we know who will take office Jan. 1 (due to press deadlines, this was written Friday, so it was not known if there will be any recounts this time around).
It has been a particularly nasty year on the campaign trails, as many candidates and/or their supporters resorted to an approach that focused more negatively on their opponent rather than positively outlining their own qualifications and highlighting their intentions if elected to office. This antagonistic approach was only successful at further dividing the American populace. The last time I looked, I thought we were all suppose to be on the same team, the one in the red, white and blue. Where did this ‘us vs. them’ mentality come from?
There is nothing wrong with having differences of opinion; through healthy discussions often comes the best solutions. But one thing has clearly been missing when disagreements have cropped up: R-E-S-P-E-C-T for one another.
Let’s use this new beginning to help heal our country. Regardless of which candidates won, it’s time to put aside our differences and join forces. That doesn’t mean we can’t disagree or offer our opinion, but let’s treat each other as we would like to be treated and work together to make this country the great nation that it once was.
And about those who claimed victory yesterday and will take office Jan. 1, let’s hold them accountable for their actions and remind them of their campaign promises. May they fulfill their duties in such a way that the voters ‘ the ones who put them in office, as well as those who didn’t ‘ will be pleased with their results.