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Cram for mid-term election

Mid-term exams play an important role in testing one’s knowledge on a particular subject. The results let the testee know where he or she may need to work harder before the final exam in order to have a successful outcome.
Although they may not receive quite the attention as their presidential counterparts, mid-term elections are equally important in the political world. In these non-presidential elections, we have a say about who we are going to send to the nation’s capital to work with the president and, hopefully, make the best choices for their constituents. We also get to cast our vote for several state, district and local races. And if you live in the South Harrison Community School Corp., in the General Election, you get to vote for school trustees.
And in this day and age, when there is so much to be done about the economy, jobs, Social Security and health care, just to name a few major topics, this election is just as important as one when the president is selected.
For several weeks now ‘ longer if you go back to the May 4 Primary ‘ we have had the opportunity to listen to and read advertisements about many of those candidates whose names are on the Nov. 2 General Election ballot. (If you’re like me, you’re probably ready to go back to life without those items.)
However, those political ads are meant to help us decide which candidate we’ll support when casting our ballot. But all-too-often, we’re bombarded by negative ads that seem to bash their opponents rather than tout their own strengths and tell us what their plans are if they are elected.
Here in Harrison County, we’re fortunate that we’ve had no one accuse a candidate of being a witch and there’s been no reports of anyone spending their younger days praying to Aqua Buddha. We have very qualified candidates on both the Democrat and Republican tickets, and, for the most part, they have stuck to the facts and run clean campaigns.
Now, unless you have already voted by absentee ballot, the decision is up to us. Hopefully, you have researched any and all races that you feel strongly about ‘ and there isn’t a one that you should hold less important than another ‘ and you are confident, that to the best of your ability, you know what your candidate of choice plans to do once in office if he or she is elected.
If you have any doubt, it’s not too late to do some last-minute homework. (You wouldn’t go into a mid-term exam without some final cramming, would you?) During the past several weeks, we given candidates a chance to highlight their plans and to provide their contact information. I’m sure there isn’t a candidate among them who wouldn’t welcome a chance to explain their position about an issue or wouldn’t answer a question from any potential voter.
Remember, those who are elected will be representing us for the next four years. What they do ‘ whether it be in Washington, D.C., or Indianapolis, at the Harrison County Court House or Justice Center, or even on the South Harrison school board ‘ will have an impact on your life and your pocketbook.
Be sure to exercise your right and vote Tuesday.