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Commissioners plan traffic improvement in Elizabeth

The Harrison County Board of Commissioners discussed multiple road projects Monday night, Sept. 20, including large projects in the county’s most populated town of Corydon. But the board also discussed a project in Elizabeth, that few could argue is as sorely needed as any improvement in the county.
Harrison County Engineer Kevin Russel presented plans to improve Sandy Branch Road, which meets S.R. 11 at Wilson’s General Store.
‘It’s tough to get in to the general store,’ Russel said. ‘The road is very narrow and the visibility is very poor, which creates a dangerous situation for traffic turning onto S.R. 11.’
The problem, District 1 Commissioner Terry Miller said, is that the road, at most, is 12 feet in width. If there’s a truck loading drinks or other items into the store, Miller said there’s no way to get out of the area.
Russel said there’s no room for improvements without removing an old house that sits next to the roadway.
‘Terry (Miller) found out that the property was for sale and talked to the property owner about purchasing the house, tearing it down and widening the road to make it safe for traffic,’ Russel said.
Russel said the property will be appraised and then the county will make an offer.
‘I’m excited to see us pursue this project,’ he said. ‘This is a very bad intersection, and there are many people that use it daily. In all likelihood, this is the type of project that could keep someone from being hurt in an accident some day. Terry should be commended for his effort to get this done.’
Russel said the town of Elizabeth is willing to cooperate with the project.
Miller said the project will be paid for out of his district’s contractual services line.
The board also discussed District 2 Commissioner Carl (Buck) Mathes’ Corydon-Ramsey Road improvement project and another proposed improvement endeavor on Corydon Ridge Road.