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Old English proves tough for Corydon

Old English proves tough for Corydon
Old English proves tough for Corydon
Corydon CentralÂ’s Carley Key was one of three Lady Panther golfers to finish with a 52 against Crawford County at Old English Golf Course. Photo by Wade Bell (click for larger version)

Old English Golf Course became a tough customer for the girls from Crawford County and Corydon Central Monday afternoon. Crawford County was short of a full team while the Lady Panthers finished with a 210 team score.
While the fairways were in good shape, the abnormally hot summer has created problems with some of the greens, leaving them without a smooth, grassy surface.
‘The greens have been cooked by the heat,’ course manager Tyler Griffith said. ‘We’re going to reseed some of them.’
‘We practice down here, so we know a little bit more about the bumps ‘ but the greens are bumpy in places,’ Crawford County coach Eric Belcher said. ‘The fairways are excellent. The ball sits up really nicely. We just have a little problem with the greens right now.’
Corydon Central coach Richard Clipp said the course conditions weren’t real bad, but he added the course is difficult for girls’ teams.
‘I think this is a really tough course for girls,’ he said. ‘I think they did a fine job, actually. We bunched all of our scores right around together. Some of them are a little higher than what they normally shoot, but I think the course is a lot harder.
‘First of all, they only see it every other year, when they come down here. Secondly, it’s got some long holes, and it’s just got a lot of woods and hidden trouble out there.’
Corydon Central’s Carley Key, Marie Rothrock and Kennedy Nash all finished with a low round of 52 for the nine holes. Key said the one thing that helped her was her longer tee shots.
‘It helped a lot because, usually, when I hit a longer ball, I usually play better,’ Key said. ‘Just the confidence makes it better.’
Chipping did prove to be a problem for Key, however, especially on hole No. 15, where the junior went long on two occasions.
‘I tried to hit it under, and I just hit it too far every time,’ she said. ‘I just wanted to make sure I got it up on the green. It usually went over.’
‘I’m doing OK,’ Key said. ‘I was hoping to be doing better, but I’m fine with it. I’m just trying to improve for sectional. I’m just using these as practice games. Sectional is the big thing.’
‘Carley never played golf until a year and a half ago,’ Clipp said. ‘She started the season off a little rough, but she’s done pretty good.’
‘I’m happy with that, especially on a Monday,’ he said. ‘We take Friday off so the kids can go to the football game and tell them they ought to get up there and play a little bit on Saturday or Sunday. They’re a lot of fun. We’ve had a good time with them, and they do everything we ask and (are) willing to do more.’
Carolyn Pellman led the Crawford County duo with a 56, while Lauren Smith, in her first year, finished with a 64 for the nine holes.
‘Carolyn shot a 56, but she got off to a rough start,’ Belcher said. ‘She would have been in contention for medalist if she had started out a little better, so that’s good. I’m tickled to death that Lauren got her first par on 11. She hit a good shot right on the front of the green and took advantage of it. I’m pleased for the girls that were able to make it.’