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Furniture for government complex to cost $1 million

The Harrison County Board of Commissioners opened bids Monday night for furniture for the three buildings on the old hospital campus in south Corydon.
Bret Dodd, project manager of RQAW Consulting Engineers and Architects based in Indianapolis, opened the only bid which totaled just more than $1 million. The furniture for the main government center building will cost more than $664,000, the health building furniture totals more than $213,000 and the Purdue Extension building furniture is the cheapest, at about $158,000.
Dodd said the bid, from Krueger International Inc. (Noblesville), was below the last furniture estimate.
‘It’s consistent with the budget,’ he said.
He said the Purdue building and the health building could be ready for use by October and the government center will follow.
Commissioner Carl (Buck) Mathes informed Dodd that a mail reciprocal from the post office will need to be purchased for the three buildings in the complex since the site is a rural route, and mail will not be brought to each department as it is now at the courthouse in downtown Corydon. Mathes advised Dodd to research the best, central location for the reciprocal structure for each building.
‘That’s why we have contingency money,’ Mathes said.
The board also requested legal counsel John E. Colin to send a letter to all county department heads asking them to not visit the old hospital campus site without contacting Mark Shireman, of James L. Shireman Inc., for a guided tour. Commissioner James Goldman said contractors have contacted him about unattended folks walking around on the construction site.
‘It’s a liability issue for them. It’s their building until they finish the work,’ Goldman said. ‘We’re not recommending tours.’
In other business Monday, the board sent a request of $260,000 from Greg Reas, the county’s Emergency Management Agency director, to the county council for a new simulcast radio tower system. The system is used for all emergency departments and units, including the sheriff’s department, fire departments, EMS and EMA.
‘Every year, the system performs on a lower level,’ Reas said.
Reas said the more ‘noise’ or radio traffic there is, the more difficult it is to communicate. He said the topographical make-up of the county, with hills and valleys, is another major factor hindering radio communications. The simulcast system will utilize three or four towers strategically placed throughout the county instead of the one located at Hayswood Nature Reserve near Corydon.
Reas had letters of support from many of the county’s fire departments, sheriff’s department and Milltown Police Department.
The system will last 15 to 20 years.
The council will hear the request at its meeting Monday at 7 p.m. at the courthouse in Corydon.
The board also sent a request of $200,000 to the council for the Ramsey Volunteer Fire Department for partial payment on a refurbished ladder truck. If the council approves the funding, the truck will be let for bids and the bids will be opened at a commissioners’ meeting.
Jackson Township Trustee Joe Martin made the request.
The refurbished truck will cost about $250,000, Martin said, and a new truck would be two times that price.
‘A new unit, at this time, is not the most practical way to go,’ Martin said.
Harrison County Parks Department director Claudia Howard asked the board for $9,000 to replace chairs at the May & Joe Rhoads Memorial Pool at Harrison Poolside Park in Corydon and the county pool at South Harrison Park near Elizabeth. The board advised Howard to come back with the request at the beginning of next year.
The commissioners will next meet Monday, Aug. 2, at 8:30 a.m. at the courthouse in Corydon.