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Distance runners dominate for NH

Distance runners dominate for NH
Distance runners dominate for NH
In a tight race to the finish in the 800-meter run, North HarrisonÂ’s Jonathan Reynolds, center, out-kicks second-place finisher, North HarrisonÂ’s Ryan Foster, right, and South CentralÂ’s Cody Roby, left. Photo by Brian Smith (click for larger version)

The Floyd Central Highlanders made it a girls and boys’ sweep of the Corydon Track Sectional Thursday night when the boys edged North Harrison by 10.5 points, 133.5 to 123. The Highlanders scored big points early in the field events leading to their fourth straight title.
‘It was very close,’ Floyd Central coach Lane Oxley said. ‘The kids stepped up in certain places we wasn’t expecting. Two big events were shot and discus. We got double figures out of the both of those.’
Corydon Central finished fifth with 43 points, while South Central was seventh (30) and Lanesville 11th (six).
North Harrison scored early, winning the 3,200-meter relay (8:05.83), three seconds under the Cougars’ school record. Peter Book, Tyler Byrne, Kyle Chesser and Ryan Foster set the mark for North Harrison. Corydon Central’s relay team also made it out with a third-place finish. The team consisted of Tyler Allen, Luke Burch, Felix Maisch and Cheyenne Smith.
The Cougars got a big win out of Jarod Richards in the 300 hurdles. Richards had some close competition, however, having to out-lean Floyd Central’s Quinton Miller for the win at the end in 41.11 seconds.
‘That was a fun race,’ Richards said. ‘I could see him out of the corner of my eye. When we came out of the turn, all four of us were level. The New Albany kid (Brett Wehmiller) pushed up for a second then me and (Miller) surged a little bit. The last hurdle, I had the benefit and I came over pretty smooth.’
Jarod Richards was third in the high jump and fourth in the 110 hurdles.
‘I had a good start, and it felt pretty good,’ he said. ‘The Floyd guy on my right (Quinton Miller) had a pretty good start, too, but he faded off about halfway through. The Floyd guy on my left (Ben Wagner) pushed up, and it ended up being a pretty good race.’
The high jump went to South Central’s Chris O’Connor. In the rain, he cleared 6-4 to win the event.
‘I had a little bit of confidence coming out of conference,’ O’Connor said. ‘I felt good when I cleared 6-4 on my second attempt. When I hit the bar the first time, I knew my mistake; I corrected it and cleared. On 6-6, I was right there, but I have a full week to work on a few technical things, and I’ll attempt 6-6 next week.’
Corydon Central’s Sean Ettinger scored big for the Panthers in the long jump. The Panther senior could only manage the mid-20s on his first two preliminary jumps. As he started for his third, an opposing runner stepped on the lane and Ettinger’s attempt was waved off by officials. Ettinger came back to rip a 21-foot, 3-3/4-inch leap to get the win.
‘I was coming off of a hamstring injury,’ Ettinger said. ‘At the New Albany relays, I pulled my hamstring on the runway. I did something to it at the Stargazer but I just ignored it. I just started running Monday and hadn’t really got to the pit at all till yesterday. I was going to go and just try to make it to the finals and then in the finals just try to make it to regionals.’
North Harrison swept the first of the three distance events with Tyler Byrne and Jonathan Reynolds getting a 1-2 finish in the 1,600 run. Byrne was pushed a little more than normal, finishing just over two seconds ahead of Reynolds. The North Harrison senior said working to help break the record in the 3,200-meter relay took a little more from the legs.
‘After the 4×800, I didn’t want to do any times too fast-paced,’ Byrne said. ‘I tried to go out and control the first two or three laps then just make sure I got across the line first. Today, I just wanted to make sure we got the points we needed and get a teammate across, of course.’
Reynolds and teammate Ryan Foster gave the Cougars a 1-2 sweep in the 800. Foster led coming out of the final turn on the last lap, but Reynolds went outside to edge his way past Foster to win by just .36 of a second. South Central’s Cody Roby looped runners late to take the third spot, less than a second behind Reynolds.
‘I was actually expecting to be a little farther up, but I knew the pace was strong so I knew people might drop back,’ Reynolds said. ‘Down the home stretch, I just made my move and got to where I wanted and the last lap it’s all you’ve got. There was a lot bigger pack than I expected. I was expecting it all to even out a little bit, but the whole first lap it was everybody right together.’
‘I saw him out of the corner of my eye,’ said Foster. ‘He was coming around me. He has a mean kick to him. I was hoping I could hold him off. As long as he gets first, it doesn’t matter to me, just as long as nobody else got in between us.’
‘Pretty pleased,’ Roby said. ‘I knew, this is my senior (year). I had to lay it all on the line. Chris (O’Connor) and I were going to run together, but he tailed off and I couldn’t afford to get boxed in, so I made a move outside. I gave it all I had, and I beat my time by a second from last year.’
North Harrison’s Johnnie Guy did what a lot of others have been unable to and that was pace with Byrne for six laps in the 3,200. With two laps to go, however, Byrne made his move to pull away and get the win in 9:44.11, with Guy finishing five seconds behind. Corydon Central’s Smith took fourth, earning a berth to regional as well.
‘He paced me for a little bit for a PR,’ said Guy. ‘I just died the last two laps just trying to hang in there. I feel pretty good. I wish I would have run the last two laps faster, but a PR is good and I get to go to regional.’
A mistake by Floyd in the 1,600-meter relay could have spelled doom for the Highlanders had they made any kind of error with the hand-off or exchange lane violation. The Highlanders were flawless, however, and won over the Cougars by just under a second to secure the meet title.
‘We won the 3,200 relay and swept the mile, 800 meters and two mile,’ North Harrison coach Joe Kellum said. ‘That’s pretty good. Distance-wise, I knew we would be that strong. Our distance guys have been strong all year. Tim Martin has coached these guys to be unbelievable. They were ready and after it.’
Corydon Central’s Maisch also qualified for regionals, placing fourth in the 400.
For North Harrison, long jumper Marcus Robb finished third and, at the pole vault, Ben Avery finished fourth. Each earn a bid to regional.
The Bloomington North Regional is tomorrow (Thursday) at 6 p.m. The top- three finishers move on to the state finals at Bloomington on Saturday, June 5.
Brian Smith contributed to this story.
Team scores ‘ Floyd Central 133-1/2, North Harrison 123, New Albany 117, Clarksville 74-1/2, Corydon Central 43, Providence 36, South Central 30, Crawford County 23, Christian Academy of Indiana 19, Borden 18, Lanesville 6
Individual results (top 4 to regional) ‘ 100 ‘ 1. Jermaine Parrish (NA) 11.23, 2. Isaiah Masters (Clkvl), 3. Kyle Bramble (FC), 4. Dominique Southers (NA); 200 ‘ 1. Jermaine Parrish (NA) 22.88, 2. Isaiah Masters (Clkvl), 3. Kyle Bramble (FC), 4. Dominique Southers (NA); 400 ‘ 1. Kaleb Weaver (CAI) 51.87, 2. Austin Wirth (FC), 3. Blake Bramer (FC), 4. Felix Maisch (Co); 800 ‘ 1. Jonathon Reynolds (NH) 2:03.61, 2. Ryan Foster (NH), 3. Cody Roby (SC), 4. Mathew Holcomb (NA); 1,600 ‘ Tyler Byrne (NH) 4:28.80, 2. Jonathon Reynolds (NH), 3. Cory Portwood (FC), 4. Matt Hamilton (FC); 3,200 ‘ 1. Tyler Byrne (NH) 9:44.11, 2. Johnnie Guy (NH), 3. Simon Quinkert (NA), 4. Cheyenne Smith (Co); 110 hurdles ‘ 1. Brett Wehmiller (NA) 15.49, 2. Brett Lewellen (Clkvl), 3. Brian Wagner (FC), 4. Jarod Richards (NH); 300 hurdles ‘ 1. Jarod Richards (NH) 41.11, 2. Quinton Miller (FC), 3. Brett Lewellen (Clkvl), 4. Brent Wehmiller (NA); 400 relay ‘ 1. New Albany 44.39, 2. Clarksville, 3. North Harrison, Providence; 1,600 relay ‘ 1. Floyd Central 3:32.47, 2. North Harrison, 3. Corydon Central, 4. Clarksville; 3,200 relay ‘ 1. North Harrison 8:05.83, 2. New Albany, 3. Corydon Central, 4. Floyd Central; High jump ‘ 1. Chris O’Connor (SC) 6-4, 2. Brett Wehmiller (NA) 3. Jarod Richards (NH), 4. Kaleb Weaver (CAI); Pole vault ‘ 1. Logan Kelley (FC) 12-0, 2. Shelby Willis (Bor), 3. Blake Montoux (FC), 4. Ben Avery (NH); Long jump ‘ 1. Sean Ettinger (Co) 21-3-3/4, 2. Francis Middleton (NA), 3. Marcus Robb (NH), 4. Zachary Rogers (Prov); Shotput ‘ 1. Dylan Dones (Clkvl) 44-2-1/2, 2. Andrew Archer (FC), 3. Zackary Fromme (Prov), 4. Aaron Blair (FC); Discus ‘ 1. Kierston Cooper (NA) 148-2-1/2, 2. Codie Hamsley (FC), 3. Austin Faulkenburg (FC), 4. Johnny Schwartz (CC).