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Filing deadline Friday for Primary

Persons interested in declaring their candidacy in the May 4 Primary Election have until noon Friday to do so.
In Harrison County, all necessary forms to file as a candidate are available online at, as well as in the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office, located on the second floor of the Harrison County Court House in downtown Corydon. (For some offices, such as U.S. representative, state senator and representative, judges and prosecutors, persons must officially file as candidates in Indianapolis.)
As list of candidates can be found online at The site is updated at the end of each work day.
Here is the current list of who has officially filed, as of Monday, and what office they seek (incumbents are indicated with an *):
U.S. Representative Ninth District ‘ Lendall B. Terry and John R. Bottorff, Democrats; Mike Sodrel, Todd Young, Rick Warren and Travis Hankins, Republicans.
State Senate District 47 ‘ *Richard D. Young Jr., Democrat; Ted Metzger, Republican.
State Representative District 70 ‘ *Paul Robertson, Democrat; Brett Loyd, Republican.
State Representative District 73 ‘ Douglas C. Leatherbury and Ryan D. Bower, Democrats; Steve Davisson and Henry H. (Hank) Taylor, Republicans.
Circuit judge ‘ Ronald W. Simpson, Democrat; John T. Evans, Republican.
Prosecuting Attorney ‘ *Dennis Byrd, Democrat; J. Otto Schalk, Republican.
County Auditor ‘ Heather Metcalf and Darrin Deatrick, Democrats.
County Treasurer ‘ *Carol Hauswald, Democrat; Teresa Sutton, Republican.
County Sheriff ‘ Eric Fischer, Gary Gilley, Marty McClanahan, Rick Minton, Brad Shepherd, Jim Slucher and Roy Wiseman, Democrats; Tom Bube, Michael Gregory and Rodney Seelye, Republicans.
County Assessor ‘ *Lorena (Rena) Stepro, Democrat.
County Commissioner District 3 ‘ *Terry Miller, Democrat.
County Council District 1 ‘ *Leslie Robertson, Democrat.
County Council District 2 ‘ *William (Bill) Nichols, Democrat; Marion Wallace, Republican.
County Council District 3 ‘ *Gordon Pendleton, Democrat.
County Council District 4 ‘ Andrew Eschbacher, Democrat; *Ralph E. Sherman, Republican.
Other offices that will be on the ballot but have yet to have a candidate file are: U.S. Senator, Secretary of State, Auditor of State and Treasurer of State.
Township trustees and their advisory boards, which generally consists of three people, will also be on the ballot. Candidates to date are:
Blue River trustee ‘ *Jill Beyerle, Democrat.
Blue River board ‘ *Jackie Bosler and *Imogene Berkenmeyer, Democrat; *Fred Churchill, Republican.
Boone trustee ‘ *Linda King, Republican.
Boone board ‘ *Clyde Ferree and *Debra S. Dones, Republicans.
Franklin trustee ‘ *Bill Lyskowinski, Democrat.
Franklin board ‘ *Harold Scott, *William Hussung and *Dale (Chip) White, Democrats.
Harrison trustee ‘ *Cecil Trobaugh, Democrat.
Harrison board ‘ *Geneva Sams, Democrat; *Maurice Fisher, Republican.
Heth trustee ‘ *Teresa Eschbacher, Republican.
Heth board ‘ *Betty Jenkins, Democrat; *Gerald Jacobs, Republican.
Jackson trustee ‘ *Joseph Martin, Democrat.
Jackson board ‘ Robert Morris and Richard Schroeder, Democrat.
Morgan trustee ‘ *Fred Uhl, Democrat.
Morgan board ‘ *Larry Buechler, *Kenneth Jacobi and Danny Schroeder, Democrats; Gary S. Vaught, Republican.
Posey trustee ‘ *Steven E. Smith, Democrat.
Posey board ‘ *Chris Cunningham, *Matt Miller and *Keith Sallee, Democrats.
Spencer trustee ‘ *Donald Satterfield, Democrat.
Spencer board ‘ *Edward Sieg, *Robert (Bob) Smith and *Kenneth A. Flock, Democrats.
Taylor trustee ‘ *Wayne Gettelfinger, Democrat.
Taylor board ‘ *Donald Stewart and *Emmett Gene Stewart, Democrats.
Washington trustee ‘ *Kathy Ragains, Democrat.
Washington board ‘ *Stephanie Bliss, Republican.
Webster trustee ‘ *Merlin (Dick) Lillpop, Democrat.
Webster board ‘ *Daniel T. McPhillips, *Scott Hussung and Matthew Miller, Democrats; Joey Rosbottom, Republican.
Also, residents in the Lanesville and North Harrison Community School corporations will elect school trustees, who are nonpartisan. (South Harrison holds its election in the fall.) Candidates to date are:
North Harrison (elect one per seat) ‘ *Gary Byrne and Veronica (Sieg) Battista, at-large; Karl Benz, Marla Adams and Jason Seitz, Jackson Township; and Kyle Byrne, Steve Hanger and Bruce Fisher, Spencer Township.
No one has filed for any of the Lanesville school board seats.
Brown said the last day a person may register to vote, or transfer a registration, in the Primary Election is April 3.
Anyone needing information about the upcoming election should contact Brown at 738-4289.