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Here’s what we hope Santa delivers

The Corydon Democrat newsroom staff has been looking ahead to 2010 and have a few wishes for the new year. Those include:
Staff Writer Ross Schulz: I wish the Harrison County Regional Sewer District would get word that their Economic Development Agency grant was successful and the board could move forward with the long-awaited New Salisbury sanitary sewer project. The project will bring growth and development to the unincorporated town, and it will also remove hazardous systems from service. Every other piece for the project to begin is in place, including a narrow vote in favor by the property owners and a $670,000 local match approved by the county council. I also wish Santa could guarantee continued riverboat gaming revenue that has blessed the county for more than a decade. Many projects that enhance the living standard for Harrison Countians would not have been possible without the revenue stream. The gaming industry in Indiana has been under attack for some time from all different directions and its future could be in jeopardy.
Staff Writer Alan Stewart: I hope for continued stewardship of the county coffers as the threat of expanded gaming in Kentucky and other border states continues. For our schools, I hope for a way to avoid freezing pay and/or laying off teachers as the state hopes to retain about $300 million in finances to help Indiana’s budget woes.
Sports Editor Brian Smith, for the area sports scene, wishes for: Good health for the hoops teams over the next few months. Several teams on the girls’ and boys’ side are playing well and progressing nicely. I think we have a few good shots at taking home some sectional hardware within the county, so let’s keep it up. And, for selfish reasons: The football season was exciting but, unfortunately, horrible in terms of weather. So, I wish field turf for the North Harrison and Corydon Central athletic programs. I had too many wet socks this fall. Not to mention both fields were mud pits at the end of the season. On the positive energy of the holiday season, let’s all take a positive attitude into 2010. Maybe try to cut down on the heckling of players, coaches and refer … nevermind, I’ll stop there.’
Editor Jo Ann Spieth-Saylor: I hope that people will be a little kinder to one another in the new year. We had some pretty mean-spirited feedback postings and Live Wire sentiments this year. It’s OK to offer an opinion, but let’s not make untruths sound like facts and let’s be appreciative of what people do for us and others. Since 2010 is an election year, let’s see qualified people file to be candidates who will talk about the issues and what they will do for the county rather than spew statements about what their opponent won’t do. One of the best gifts ‘ and what seems to be something easy to accomplish ‘ would be to provide access to high-speed Internet to every home, business and schoolroom, from every hill and every valley. From Palmyra to Evans Landing, from White Cloud to Bridgeport and to all points in between. And to all our readers, may you find peace and comfort in the new year.