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A man-made crisis indeed

What would you say if one the most passionate educational topics in school was based on a lie? What about if this topic became such an issue that it led to congressional legislation taking away more and more commercial and personal freedom and driving up the cost of just about everything? And finally, what if evidence came to light which proved fraud occurred (more concrete evidence than the entire hypothesis ever had) and yet these findings have gone mostly unnoticed?
That’s right, the man-made global warming train chugs along with delusion and greed conducting. Corruption and embarrassment aren’t enough to bring the giant global warming gorilla down.
In November, a computer hacker broke into the system at the Climate Research Unit and released 72 documents and more than 1,000 e-mail exchanges between these folks formerly known as scientists. Small transgressions, such as manipulating temperature graphs to hide decline, were exposed.
The powers that be at CRU also tried to hide the evidence of a Medieval warm period, obviously because it would be tough to pin a slight warming period on humans today if it is apparent that such periods come and go throughout time regardless of the amount of Ford Explorers on the road.
These scientists-turned-activists also conspired about ridding their profession of man-made global warming dissenters. I guess science has no room for free speech, checks and balances, marketplace of ideas or even just plain debate. Those things are overrated anyway.
This whole ordeal re-minds me of an episode of ‘Seinfeld’ where George Costanza barrels over women and children on his way out the door when he spots a fire in the kitchen. A firefighter later asks him, ‘How can you live with yourself?’
George replies, ‘It’s not easy.’
I wonder if Al Gore would have the same response?
Last week, dignitaries from countries all across the globe gathered in Copenhagen, Denmark, for an 11-day climate summit to formulate a deal that is suppose to replace the last major global climate agreement created in 1997.
Discussing his ‘hope’ for a solution from this summit, Rasmus Benestad of the Norwegian Meteorological Institute summed up the global warming movement’s appeal. ‘We need to change our mind frame, our values. Perhaps quality time, love, family values, friendship and respect are preferable to material goods and status? Or maybe we humans are too vain. In this problem, I think we are seeing the worst of ourselves in the mirror. We see power struggle and corruption.’
How can quality time, love, family values, friendship and respect be argued against? And who in their right mind would advocate vanity, power struggle and corruption?
See, without even a debate, Benestad has won the hearts of those who read or listen to him. It’s a nice trick he and his friends often use to their advantage.
But instead of ‘what I believe is good and what you believe is bad’ rhetoric like Benestad spouts, I’d like to dig a little deeper and shed light and explanations on his words.
The ‘material goods’ he refers to I see as bread, milk, eggs and an opportunity to keep a house warm in the winter or cool in the summer. Maybe we humans are too vain, so much so that we want a vehicle and the means to pay for fuel to get us to and from work to be able to put food on the table.
This is the lifestyle that is under attack by Benestad and his friends.
Cap-and-trade legislation, carbon tax and any other scheme batted around in Congress to try to stop or slow ‘man-made’ global warming will all have the same effect: more and more of the cost passed down to you and me while doing nothing to affect the temperature of the earth.
Man-made global warming activists also like to say all the legislation and reduction is all for the kids, so the children can have a future on this planet.
I’d like to see future generations have the same opportunities I had to use the great technological advances to the best of their abilities. Hopefully, the next generation will have so few worries that it can spend half a day on YouTube and Facebook.
But, global warming fanatics won’t stop until economic growth and production is completely dried up and success is an afterthought.
The global warming phenomenon has infiltrated almost every facet of our lives to a crisis degree. And this crisis, no doubt, is absolutely man-made.