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Shooting leads to attempted murder charges

A Milltown man was arrested Friday night and charged with attempted murder for allegedly firing a gun at a car carrying three people.
Police say that John Daniel Johnson, 24, fired three shots at a car that had stopped in the driveway across from his residence along Whiskey Run Ranch Road in Crawford County, with the last one hitting the vehicle.
A woman called 911 at 8:13 p.m. to report that her vehicle, which included her son and a juvenile friend, had been shot at after she pulled into a driveway because she was ill.
‘She had opened the door when she heard a gunshot come from the Johnson residence across the roadway,’ according to a release issued Monday from the Crawford County Sheriff’s Department. ‘The woman stated that she shut her door and heard a second shot. As she was driving away, she looked over to the Johnson residence, saw a flash and a shot then heard something hit her car.’
The woman then stopped at the first house with a light on to call 911. Indiana Conservation Officer Dennis Talley and Crawford County Sheriff’s Deputy Mike Andry responded and found a bullet hole in the driver’s side door.
Talley and Andry then went to Johnson’s residence at 1090 S. Whiskey Run Ranch Road, where the shot was thought to have been fired.
‘Upon their arrival, five persons standing outside fled into the home,’ the release stated. ‘Officers detained the subjects and began questioning of the incident. A witness stated that Johnson saw a car stop at the driveway, he then pointed a firearm from the driveway towards the vehicle and fired three times, then stated he thought he hit them after the last shot.’
Johnson was arrested for criminal recklessness with a firearm and taken to the Crawford County Jail. Crawford County Prosecutor Cheryl Hillenburg then filed an attempted murder charge against him.
The prosecutor’s office also secured a search warrant for Johnson’s home and property. During the search, Indiana State Police Crime Scene Investigator Charlie McDaniel, Conservation Officer Robbie Brewington and Sheriff’s Deputy Jeff Howell seized eight loaded firearms.
During the investigation, Bon Scott Webster, 22, who previously had lived at the residence, arrived and was arrested for interfering with law enforcement and resisting arrest.
Johnson is being held without bail.
There have been numerous complaints, according to police, regarding shots being fired at the residence, including neighbors having reported seeing young males on the roof of the house shooting firearms and shooting at night. In addition, firefighters previously responded to the residence because of a brush fire that developed from a shooting, police stated.
This is the second time a search warrant has been issued for the residence this year. Earlier, the Secret Service executed a search warrant for counterfeiting which is still under investigation.