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Corydon native tops at World Games

Corydon native tops at World Games
Corydon native tops at World Games
Michael Tuchscherer stands front and center after claiming the top spot in his powerlifiting division at the World Games in Taiwan in July. (click for larger version)

Michael Tuchscherer is becoming a household name on the powerlifting circuit.
The Corydon Central High School graduate is on the current cover of Powerlifting USA magazine (October 2009) for conquering the 275-pound division at the World Games in Taiwan.
‘World Games in Taiwan was an incredible experience,’ Tuchscherer said. ‘They ran the contest just like it was an Olympic event, and everyone in the entire country seemed to be excited to meet us, or any of the athletes, really.’
The World Games took place in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, July 25 and 26. For Tuchscherer, the whole experience was unbelievable.
‘I got there a few days in advance of the contest, and I went to the warm-up room for a quick training session,’ he said. ‘There were volunteers there who were just there to load weights for the athletes so we didn’t have to. They took care of us like I’ve never seen in Powerlifting before.’
In his event, 275-pound raw class, Tuchscherer, 24, took the gold medal with a total weight of 2,330 pounds. Broken down, Tuchscherer, who became the first American male in history to win the gold medal for powerlifting, had a 903 in the squat, 600 in the bench and 826 in dead lift.
‘The contest was a really close match with Ukraine’s Oleksander Shepil, and I going to our final lifts vying for the win,’ Tuchscherer said. ‘I have competed against him before in the 2008 World Championships where he won and I was second, so it was very nice being able to win this time ‘ and on an even bigger stage.’
Tuchscherer set five United States records in 2008 when he competed in the Arnold Classic Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio.
‘The feeling of standing on the podium was pretty incredible. Not much compares to it,’ he said.
Currently stationed in Minot, N.D., in the Air Force, Tuchscherer recently wrote a book and has started a company called Reactive Training Systems. The book teaches athletes how to train according to their body’s needs. Information on the book and the company can be found online at
‘The business is just over a year old and it’s doing better than I ever thought it would,’ he said.