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Briscoe inducted into volleyball HOF

Briscoe inducted into volleyball HOF
Briscoe inducted into volleyball HOF
Corydon Central volleyball coach Kim Briscoe poses next to the plaque that honors those inducted into the Indiana Coaches of Girls Sports Association Hall of Fame. Photo submitted by Elaine Weaver (click for larger version)

Corydon Central coach Kim Briscoe summed it up with one word: ‘Humbling.’
Briscoe, who has led the Corydon Central volleyball program since 1995, was recently inducted into the Indiana Coaches of Girls Sports Association Hall of Fame in Muncie Friday.
‘I was surrounded by the people who are the mecca of volleyball people,’ Briscoe said.
Briscoe said there were roughly 900 in attendance at the Final Four Banquet, including members of the 16 teams that reached the state finals. Briscoe’s son, Wes, currently the volleyball coach at North Harrison, and daughter, Elaine Weaver, currently an assistant on Kim’s staff, helped present the award to their mother.
‘Wes and Elaine kidded on stage that this was the one way they could get me to the state finals,’ Kim Briscoe recalled. ‘This was nice. It isn’t one of those personal goals you set, but in 31 years of coaching, it is humbling.’
Briscoe has a total of 31 years of coaching experience over the course of three sports: volleyball, softball and basketball. In volleyball, other than coaching at Corydon Central, she was an assistant coach at New Albany and a junior high coach at Floyd Central.
Nomination of the award came from letters written by former players. Since word spread of the nomination early last week, Briscoe said her telephone, e-mail and Facebook page have been flooded with congratulatory messages.
In contingent for the event was district chairperson John Breeding from New Albany, and Silver Creek and Brownstown volleyball teams including south Coach of the Year Jeff Zimmerman from Silver Creek.
‘The Silver Creek and Brownstown people were very congratulatory,’ Briscoe said.
The veteran coach said she doesn’t plan on retiring anytime soon.
‘My daughter asks why I (coach),’ Briscoe said. ‘You have to realize these are young people trying to grow up. You have to see if you can help them achieve their potential. Some don’t have a clue of their potential and that is the fun of it. Then pushing them individually to become a team member is something we have worked on in the past several years. Being a team player is key in business and on the volleyball court, or things don’t get done.’
As a player, she was named New Albany High School’s Most Outstanding Athlete in 1977 and Indiana State University’s Most Inspirational Volleyball Player in 1978.
Briscoe has coached the varsity program at Corydon Central since the 1995-96 season. The program has become one that consistently hovers around the 20-win mark each season. Briscoe has coached in 479 career volleyball games, leading the Lady Panthers to a 279-200 mark during that span.
Among the other accolades include being named MSC Coach of the Year in 1998 and 2008; MSC champions in 2001; received the ICGSA 30 Year Award in 2009; and coached the Union Volleyball Club from 2000-2004 (66-4 record).
Briscoe also currently serves as the school’s softball coach, who has won three consecutive sectional titles and four in 11 years of coaching.
‘It is an honor for my mom and dad,’ Briscoe added. ‘They have watched me work hard. I remember being a sophomore at New Albany High School and the first year of volleyball came to the southern part of the state. The first year we did not get varsity letters because we did not have a sectional. I remember standing in the athletic director’s office asking about our letters and that was his reason.’
A year later, Briscoe’s team played in a sectional and she attended her first state finals and there were two males participating. The beginning of Title IX was underway that now structures schools like Corydon Central to be balanced among male and female sports.
Briscoe is the second Corydon Central coach to be named to a Hall of Fame. Richard Clipp is a member of the Indiana High School Wrestling Coaches Association Hall of Fame.