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Sheriff’s department begins mandatory EEOC training

The Harrison County Board of Commissioners last Tuesday sent a request of just more than $16,000 to the county council for the prevention of sexual harassment training provided by Carol A. Dawson, of EEO Guidance Inc.
Dawson said the mandatory training began last week with two sessions.
Each workshop, one last week, another in September 2010 and May 2011, will include three sessions with two dates.
The training was required by the U.S. Department of Justice after the settlement regarding the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission sexual harassment case against Sheriff G. Michael Deatrick.
All employees of the sheriff’s department are required to attend the workshops.
‘I don’t lecture; I talk about real issues,’ Dawson said. ‘I guarantee the training will not be boring.’
Dawson said she likes to train managers separate from employees, but she can mix the two.
‘Basically, I teach respect,’ she said.
Dawson proposed having all county employees participate in the training, which covers not only sexual harassment but all equal employment opportunity issues.
Commissioner James Goldman said it is something the county needs to address and advised Dawson to provide a cost analysis and present it to the board in the near future.
Dawson said the training can rid the county of any guilt in court because it can prove the training took place, thereby ending the county’s obligation.
‘That’s the big deal with the training,’ she said.
Dawson said she would stand up for the county if she thought the proper training had taken place.
‘I think this is a great move to have someone like Carol on board,’ John E. Colin, the county’s attorney, said. ‘This is the one thing the county can do.’
In other business last Tuesday morning, Commissioner Terry Miller made a motion to allow Sherry Watson, of the Harrison County Convention & Visitors Bureau, to pursue a project with the Indiana Department of Tourism which will place a video camera mounted somewhere on the courthouse showing the old capitol building through November.
The program’s goal is to highlight the fall foliage and attract visitors to Corydon. It will be one of eight sites in the state the department will feature on its Web site,
The board of commissioners will next meet Monday at 7:30 p.m. at the courthouse in Corydon.