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RQAW kicks off renovation project

The Harrison County Board of Commissioners and RQAW Corp. representatives Bret Dodd and Joe Mrak held a ‘kick-off’ meeting last Wednesday morning for the government complex project at the old hospital campus in Corydon.
The council/commissioners room at the courthouse was near capacity with interested government officeholders and their employees.
Dodd, project manager, planned to meet with each government department this week to take a closer look at the plans for their new office space. He described the new, detailed look at the building and office space as going from a 30,000-foot above view to 5,000, meaning a much closer examination instead of just an overview.
Dodd unveiled new names for the three buildings to be renovated on the old hospital campus. The old medical office building will now be referred to as the Extension Building; the new medical office building will be called the Health Services Building; and the hospital wing will be the Government Center.
He said it’s best to go ahead and name the buildings according to function. He also said the Archives Building off Capitol Avenue in downtown Corydon will be called the Prosecutor’s Building.
Dodd said the worst-case scenario time frame for bid letting is January or February. He said he would like to think they can bring the project to bid sooner, but without further detailed analysis, he can’t give an exact date.
‘It’s very clear after this meeting that this isn’t RQAW’s building; it’s going to be the officeholders’ building,’ Commissioner James Goldman said.
He said the goal of the project is to meet the needs of every office and to provide for future growth.
The plan will renovate and remodel the two medical office buildings and the newest portion of the old hospital while demolishing the building’s old wing. It will also modify the courthouse, Archives Building and justice center.
Essentially every county office, with the exception of the highway department, will either move or receive added space to its current location when the project is complete.
The plan was endorsed by two of the three commissioners to fulfill the space needs of county offices and approved with a 4-2 vote by the county council.
The complete project was estimated to cost between $13 million and $15 million.