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Apartments appear safe for residents

The Harrison County Board of Health has extended the order of vacation of the former school building apartments in New Salisbury.
Owned by Wayne Snyder, the building at 7500 Corydon Junction Road was declared unfit for human habitation at the end of February unless Snyder took action to clean it up. Most of the necessary work has been done, and the health board intends to rescind the order at its April 1 regular meeting, Tony Combs, health department coordinator, said.
‘He’s (Snyder) been doing quite a bit of work up there,’ Combs said.
Health board representatives and State Fire Marshal’s office representative Gary House visited the site last week and concluded that Snyder had completed almost every task requested.
Combs said Snyder cleaned up the basement and fixed the plumbing problems, which had led to human waste on the basement floor, and fixed the septic distribution box on the east side of the building.
‘He did everything we asked him to do,’ Combs said. ‘He’s just one or two items away from completing the list.’
The health board previously declared the building unfit for human habitation and ordered, via County Attorney John E. Colin, all persons living on the property to vacate by March 14 unless Snyder cleaned up the complex. Now, it appears the residents will not have to move, Combs said.
‘That was our original intent,’ he said.