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Election board to seek funds for legal counsel

The Harrison County Election Board met yesterday morning (Tuesday) regarding a complaint filed by Scott Fluhr, county chairman of the Republican party, over a letter sent to taxpayers in Franklin Township less than two weeks prior to the General Election in November.
In the letter, which was sent out with the Lanesville schools’ monthly newsletter, Donald J. Hussung, president of the Lanesville Community School Corp. Board of Trustees, reminded Franklin Township residents that Rhonda J. Rhoads, the Republican candidate for the county commissioner District 2 seat, had voted against forgiving the loan on their elementary school’s gymnasium, while her opponent, Democrat Carl (Buck) Mathes, had voted to forgive the loan. (Rhoads and Mathes were serving on the county council when they voted on the loan issue.)
Mathes was declared the winner over Rhoads, by 22 votes, in mid-December following a recount.
Yesterday, after listening to arguments from Gordon Ingle, attorney for Lanes-ville schools, the three members of the election board ‘ Harrison County Circuit Clerk Sherry Brown, Democrat Edith Richards and Republican Larry Shickles ‘ decided they should seek legal counsel.
Because the election board has no money, it will seek a $5,000 additional from the county council. The request will initiate with the county commissioners at their meeting on Monday, March 2.
A request has also been made to the state Attorney General’s office and the Secretary of State to investigate the legality of Hussung’s letter.