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Swimmers make good at local meet

Swimmers make good at local meet
Swimmers make good at local meet
Corydon Central recognizes senior members of the swimming team. (Photo by Ross Schulz)

The Corydon Central High School swim teams showed dominance at the Corydon Central Invitational Saturday at the YMCA of Harrison County.
On the girls’ side, the team claimed the top spot in eight of 11 events, including two relays.
Swimmers Katie Saulman, Jessica Frederick and Sami Smith combined to win two individual races and two relays.
Saulman, a state qualifier last season, rolled to easy individual wins in the 100-yard backstroke (1:04.97) and the 100 butterfly (1:01.78). Also in the backstroke, North Harrison’s Jordan Corum placed third with a time of 1:24.28. In the butterfly event, Corydon Central’s Caitlyn Byrd took third (1:23.79).
Frederick showed her strength over the competition in the 100 breaststroke and the 200 individual medley. In the breaststroke, she reached to top teammate Jessica Lilly for first place in 1:25.79. Frederick, in the medley race, finished in 2:50.87, five seconds ahead of second-place finisher Olivia Davis from North Harrison.
Smith joined the success by winning the 50 freestyle sprint and the 100 freestyle. In the sprint, she out-touched North Harrison’s Sally Hall by a fraction of a second. Smith touched the wall in 27.50 seconds and Hall in 27.72. Smith was alone in the 100 free, winning in a comfortable 1:04.60.
Saulman, Frederick and Smith combined with Byrd to win the 200 medley (2:07.15) relay to kick off the event. North Harrison’s combination of Krista Slaughter, Davis, Hall and Corum placed third. The same Corydon Central foursome took the 200 freestyle relay in a time of 1:53.80. North Harrison’s Spencer Churchill, Kayla Stricker, Katie Hall and Sally Hall finished second.
North Harrison picked up a win in the 400 freestyle relay. Churchill, Corum, Katie Hall and Sally Hall won by 10 seconds over Charlestown with a time of 4:44.09.
Other notable finishers on the girls’ side included Corydon Central’s Katie Lyell (second, 200 freestyle), North Harrison’s Churchill (third, 200 freestyle) and North Harrison’s Corum (second, 500 freestyle).
Corydon Central and North Harrison were in a battle for the top spot on the boys’ side, combining to win all 11 events. However, the Panthers finished first in seven events to North Harrison’s four.
Corydon Central’s Sean Ettinger won the 50 freestyle with a time of 25.05 seconds and the 100 backstroke with a time of 1:10.17. James Shireman represented the Panthers by finishing second in the backstroke, followed by North Harrison’s Andy Schneider.
Adam Pendleton also took home two individual honors. The Corydon Central swimmer won the 100 breaststroke (1:16.14) and the 200 individual medley (2:34.63). Teammate Derek Hoehn was third in the breaststroke. In the medley event, North Harrison’s Tony Powell was second, followed by Corydon Central’s Nicholas Bean.
Brandon Welch represented the Panthers well by winning the 200 freestyle in 2:29.49. Finishing second was Ben Wellner from North Harrison.
In the 500 freestyle, Corydon Central’s Nicholas Bean out-swam the competition for a first-place finish in 6:47.10. Teammate Dylan Lawson was second, followed by North Harrison’s Sean Schroeder.
North Harrison picked up wins in two individual events and two relays. Jesse Barnicle won the 100 butterfly with a time of 1:15.61. Teammate Matt Johnson was third in the event. Christian Horstman was the top finisher in the 100 freestyle with a time of 56.67 seconds. He was well ahead of second- and third-place swimmers Albin Roy and Chris Bays from Corydon Central. Lanesville’s Taylor Johnson finished fourth.
In the relays, James Shireman, Pendleton, Ettinger and Roy combined to win the 200 medley relay (2:04.72) for Corydon Central. However, North Harrison captured both freestyle relays. Billy Davis, Max Schaeffer, Powell and Horstman won the 200 freestyle (1:44.16). Powell, Davis, Barnicle and Horstman combined to win the 400 freestyle relay in 3:58.41.
Corydon Central and North Harrison will participate in the Mid-Southern Conference meet tomorrow (Thursday) in Jeffersonville. The meet begins at 6 p.m.

Girls’ Team Results: Corydon Central 338, North Harrison 323, Charlestown 174, Silver Creek 43, Austin 34, Lanesville 0
Girls’ Individual Results: 200 Medley Relay ‘ 1. Corydon Central (Saulman, Frederick, Byrd, Smith) 2:07.15, 2. Charlestown, 3. North Harrison; 200 Free ‘ 1. Usowski (Ch), 2. Lyell (CC), 3. Churchill (NH); 200 IM ‘ 1. Frederick (CC) 2:50.87, 2. Davis (NH), 3. Stark (SC); 50 Free ‘ 1. Smith (CC) 27.50, 2. Hall (NH), 3. Snyder (Ch); 100 Fly ‘ 1. Saulman (CC) 1:01.78, 2. Snyder (Ch), 3. Byrd (CC); 100 Free ‘ 1. Smith (CC) 1:04.60, 2. Burkhart (Ch), 3. Combs (Ch); 500 Free ‘ 1. Higazy (Ch) 6:58.92, 2. Corum (NH), 3. Warren (SC); 200 Free Relay ‘ 1. Corydon Central (Smith, Byrd, Frederick, Saulman) 1:53.80; 2. North Harrison, 3. Corydon Central; 100 Back ‘ 1. Saulman (CC) 1:04.97, 2. Usowski (Ch), 3. Corum (NH); 100 Breast ‘ 1. Frederick (CC) 1:25.79, 2. Lilly (CC), 3. Phipps (Ch); 400 Free Relay ‘ 1. North Harrison (Churchill, K. Hall, Corun, S. Hall) 4:44.09, 2. Charlestown, 3. North Harrison.
Boys’ Team Results: Corydon Central 348, North Harrison 321, Charlestown 118, Silver Creek 103, Austin 82, Lanesville 15
Boys’ Individual Results: 200 Medley Relay ‘ 1. Corydon Central (Shireman, Pendleton, Ettinger, Roy) 2:04.72, 2. North Harrison, 3. Corydon Central; 200 Free ‘ 1. Welch (CC) 2:29.49, 2. Wellner (NH), 3. Brinck (Ch); 200 IM ‘ Pendleton (CC) 2:34.63, 2. Powell (NH), 3. Bean (CC); 50 Free ‘ 1. Ettinger (CC) 25.05, 2. Barker (Ch), 3. Hellimig (SC); 100 Fly ‘ 1. Barnicle (NH) 1:15.61, 2. Spencer (SC), 3. Johnson (NH); 100 Free ‘ 1. Horstman (NH) 56.67, 2. Roy (CC), 3. Bays (CC); 500 Free ‘ 1. Bean (CC) 6:47.10, 2. Lawson (CC), 3. Schroeder (NH); 200 Free Relay ‘ 1. North Harrison (Powell, Davis, Schaefer, Horstman); 2. Corydon Central, 3. Charlestown; 100 Back ‘ 1. Ettinger (CC) 1:10.17, 2. Shireman (CC), 3. Schneider (NH); 100 Breast ‘ 1. Pendleton (CC) 1:16.14, 2. Jenkins (Ch), 3. Hoehn (CC); 400 Free Relay ‘ 1. North Harrison (Powell, Davis, Barnicle, Horstman) 3:58.41, 2. Corydon Central, 3. Charlestown.