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Lottery win literally ‘Rags’ to riches story

Lottery win literally ‘Rags’ to riches story
Lottery win literally ‘Rags’ to riches story
A happy Larry Ragland of Georgetown displays the $2 million check he won from the Hoosier Lottery. Ragland will receive $46,000 after taxes for the next 30 years.

It’s not likely Terri and Larry Ragland of George-town will forget Terri’s 46th birthday anytime soon. In fact, each year for the next 30 years, they’ll be reminded of it with a $46,000 check from the Hoosier Lottery.
The Raglands won $2 million earlier this month on a $30 ticket in the Hoosier Lottery’s $2 Million Poker Showdown. The ticket was actually a re-gifted present to Terri from her husband, after it was a Christmas gift to Larry Ragland from Terri’s father, Larry Nicholson.
‘I thought it would be a good start to the year if we won something,’ Larry Ragland, 46, said. ‘So, I gave her that and a birthday card. I don’t think anyone actually expects to scratch off a $2 million prize. But she scratched it off, and we and others had to check the ticket several times before we were actually sure it was a winner.’
The Raglands and Nicholson went to Hoosier Lottery headquarters in Indianapolis last week ‘ with the ticket Nicholson purchased at Gas & Stuff off North Luther Road near Georgetown ‘ to claim the prize. The $2 million prize will be paid in a 30-year annuity. There was no option for a cash prize like the Hoosier Lotto or Powerball games.
‘It didn’t seem real until we were in Indianapolis,’ Larry Ragland said. ‘It’s just now sinking in.’
Larry Ragland is in his 20th year of teaching at Corydon Central Junior High School, while Terri Ragland is in her 21st year of teaching in the New Albany-Floyd County Consolidated School Corp. She’s currently at Highland Hills Middle School.
The Raglands are still somewhat undecided on how to spend their newfound wealth; however, Larry Ragland said he ‘reckons’ his father-in-law should get something for purchasing the ticket.
How does the couple, who are not regular lottery players, feel about the Hoosier Lottery after this experience?
‘You can’t win unless you play,’ Ragland said. ‘That’s a good motto!’
Other $1,000 winners in the Hoosier Lottery this month include Christopher Day of Corydon, Kathy Pate of Depauw, Teresa Roberts of Corydon, and Lenny Hardwick of Corydon. Joyce McCracken of Palmyra won $879 in Hoosier Lotto.
On average, Hoosier Lottery awards $1.37 million in prizes every day.