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Witness, exhibit lists filed with district court

Potential witness and exhibit lists were filed with the U.S. District Court Southern District last month in the case of allegations of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission violations by Harrison County Sheriff G. Michael Deatrick.
In addition to witness lists for the plaintiffs in the case ‘ dispatcher Deana Decker and former dispatcher Melissa Graham ‘ and the defendant, witness lists were also submitted on behalf of Harrison Commissioners James E. Goldman, J.R. Eckart, Terry Miller and Jim Heitkemper.
Potential witnesses include the commissioners, Deatrick, Graham and Decker, members of their families, past and present employees at the justice center ‘ including Harrison County Sheriff’s Dept. officers, dispatchers and correction officers ‘ Harrison County Prosecutor Dennis Byrd, Emergency Management Agency director Greg Reas, who took over supervising the dispatch center in May, senior police officers Decker and Graham allegedly made complaints to about the sheriff, EEOC officials and licensed therapist Alison H. Johnson of Louisville.
In the items listed as potential exhibits by the commissioners are any and all recordings derived from the digital video recording system at the Harrison County Justice Center, including recordings identified as Camera 13 (dispatch), Camera 1 (front parking lot), and Camera 14/10 (lobby camera).
The cameras are of note because in May 2008, Decker and Graham allege that Deatrick showed up in plain clothes at the justice center and brandished a firearm, according to statements made by the two women to a state police detective investigating the case.
Det. David Mitchell wrote in his report that dispatcher Ashley Miller backed up the women’s statements and said Deatrick looked at the women in a threatening manner.
Countering the claim in Mitchell’s report was a reserve officer, James Claybrooke, who said he didn’t recall seeing the sheriff carrying a weapon the night of May 12.
Of note is that the attorney for the plaintiffs, Charles Miller, did not put the recording devices specifically in his list of potential exhibits. He did, however, request that any documents, items or other tangible evidence listed in the defendant’s preliminary exhibit list be included in the plaintiffs’ list.
Deatrick’s attorney, Elizabeth A. Knight, listed digital video recordings from the surveillance camera system at the Harrison County Sheriff’s Dept. on May 12 on her list of potential exhibits.
Other exhibits on the list include personnel policies and procedures of the sheriff’s department, various correspondence regarding the alleged incidents, telephone records for the plaintiffs and defendant’s home and cell phones, minutes from the county commissioners’ meetings, and newspaper articles and news broadcasts.
In May, Decker and Graham filed written complaints with Byrd’s office alleging possible criminal violations by Deatrick, who is in the middle of his second term in office.
The county paid $55,000 in 2007 to settle four other civil-rights lawsuits filed by former sheriff”s department employees.
In August last year Harrison Superior Court Judge Roger D. Davis appointed Nancy Jacobs, chief deputy prosecutor of Scott County, as special prosecutor in the matter of the investigation of sexual harassment complaints against Deatrick. That same month, the EEOC released documents that showed that adequate evidence has been found to support sexual harassment claims against Deatrick. The notices were not EEOC indictments; however, they allowed the continuance of the civil rights case against Deatrick.