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L’ville resumes search for superintendent

The Lanesville Community School Corp. Board of Trustees spent time during its last board meeting to review an announcement and application for the vacancy of the interim superintendent position.
Still in its early stages as just a draft, the point of the announcement is to showcase the school corporation and play up the strengths with the intent of attracting a permanent superintendent.
Sam Gardner, current interim superintendent, has been with the Lanesville Community School Corp. since July 2007. Gardner retired from Clarksville schools with 27 years experience in teaching and administration.
The board also voted at its last meeting, which was held Dec. 16, to defer an appointment to the Harrison County Public Library Association.
Three positions are vacant to appointments by the schools, two from South Harrison and the last seat vacillates between North Harrison and Lanesville. A representative from the library board spoke to the Lanesville school board about the next appointment, which falls to them.
The school board, however, said this was the first time they had been approached, to their knowledge, to make such an appointment. Because of that, coupled with the fact that the library association’s potential appointment is from northern Harrison County, the board voted to defer the appointment to the North Harrison Community School Corp. in expectation that the next appointment would be someone from the Lanesville area.
The school board also heard an update on the corporation’s health insurance coverage renewal from a three-person committee that included Gardner, Brian Book and Aaron Guernsey.
Gardner told the board the decision was made to stay with Anthem, the current provider, because of the quality of plan for the price. For next year, there will be a 3.09-percent increase in premium. School trustee Kenny Acton said he thought the prices per plan, $12,804 for family plans and $4,836 for single plans, seemed high.
‘We have the Cadillac plan,’ said board president Donnie Hussung.
Gardner said the committee did shop around for quotes, but ultimately found no other competitive option.
In other school matters, the board:
‘ Heard an update on the baseball field renovations. Much of what’s left can’t be done until the weather cooperates, they heard, including sodding.
‘Sounds like it’s moving, just not as fast as we want,’ Hussung said.
‘ Heard the first reading of the Lanesville Community School Corp. Title I Parent Involvement Policy, which must be instituted in accordance with the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. The policy will be distributed to parents of students participating in the program. In essence, the policy details the importance of and acceptance of parental involvement.
‘ Granted the following facilities-use requests: Lanesville Youth League on Jan. 22, 23 and 24 and Feb. 7, for tryouts; Farm Bureau on Feb. 10, May 12, Aug. 11 and Nov. 10, for various meetings; and Lanesville Junior High Volleyball Club on Sundays, Dec. 14 though April 18, for practice.
Acton wanted clarification on the volleyball club, which isn’t strictly limited to Lanesville students. Although athletic director Matt Kellems had already approved use of the gym, the board agreed to get more information before approving the use themselves.
‘I don’t think we’re opposed to it,’ Hussung said. ‘We just want to clear it up.’
He asked if the board would be content to let Gardner approve the usage, since the superintendent has authority to execute emergency authorization. Acton did not want to let that set a precedent for the board, even though it is within Gardner’s rights to do so. More information regarding the club is expected to be presented to the board.
‘ Approved the following personnel issues: Nathan Barnickle, as third-grade teacher; Christy Hines as extracurricular assistant music director; hiring of peer tutors for the January 2009 intersession; Nancy Rupp, Brian Book, Lindsay Davis, Erin Green, Jeff Hammond, Robin Wolfe, Gerald Timberlake and Debbie Clark, all as January 2009 intersession contracts; and David Schmelz, Richard Haines and Tim Bridges, if needed, as bus drivers for the January 2009 intersession.
‘ Heard Acton question whether bus logs were being properly maintained. He said he’s personally been told the buses were being used in improper ways and hoped the correct use of bus logs could curb that.
Acton also questioned the number of keys the corporation has in the community.
There is no board policy for maintaining the keys, and Gardner said he’s been through a re-keying process at another school.
Acton also asked about getting Harrison County reserve officers to police the parking situation at home games. He said he envisions them watching the parking lots and making sure people aren’t parking where spots do not exist, rather than just directing traffic. Hussung said the school could look into contacting reserve officers or the town marshal for further information.