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NH’s central office to get part-time help

The North Harrison Community School Corp. Board of Trustees moved last Thursday night at a special meeting to add a part-time position to the central office. The position will help alleviate pressure on the treasurer and the assistant treasurer, said Dr. Phil Partenheimer, the school’s superintendent.
Greg Rupp, president of the North Harrison Classroom Teachers Association, said the position had not been discussed, as required by state law, and requested the measure to be tabled.
‘We’re not required to discuss it … Go back and get your superintendent’s license so you understand the questions you ask,’ said Partenheimer.
Gary Byrne made the motion, seconded by Jerry Renneker, to hire the part-time position. The motion was unanimously approved. The position will be paid out of the general fund.
In other business Thursday night, Dan Haskell, a teacher in the corporation, defended Rupp and the remonstrance process against the Morgan Elementary School project. Haskell said both sides realized the school needed renovation, but he cited four reasons the remonstrance was started, including the possibility of increased taxes.
Haskell also said it was a rushed project, that the overcrowding was by design, and there was a lack of a comprehensive long-term building scheme for the school corporation. After the tax neutrality statement was released in August, Haskell said many people involved with the remonstrance believed their goal was reached.
He went on to say Rupp and others involved with the remonstrance should be commended.
‘He speaks when most people don’t; he’s a lightning rod for criticism,’ said Haskell of Rupp.
Haskell then began to speak about the fact-finding study but was quickly stopped by board president Bobby Chinn.
‘What’s this got to do with the remonstrance?’ asked Chinn.
Haskell said he wanted to clear up some misconceptions that have been made and called for an attitude adjustment on both sides.
‘That’s not about the remonstrance,’ said Byrne.
‘Those are the kind of attitudes we need to change,’ responded Haskell.
Byrne said Haskell and Rupp were not worried about raising taxes with middle school and elementary projects at North Harrison.
‘That’s almost laughable to me,’ said Byrne.
Byrne said the remonstrance was used ‘as a pawn for bargaining.’
‘I wish it never took place,’ he said.
Chinn also took offense to Haskell’s claim that the project was put together ‘in a rush,’ saying that discussions began in 2004 about the need for a remodeled Morgan.
‘It was not taken lightly,’ he said.
In other matters, the board accepted the resignation of John Adkins as varsity baseball assistant coach at North Harrison High School.
The board will have a reception beginning at 6:30 p.m. before its next regular board meeting on Thursday, Dec. 11, in the North Harrison Middle School cafeteria for Partenheimer, who is leaving at the end of December to take a position at the Wilson Center and to welcome Thomas Fihe, who was hired as the interim superintendent. The board meeting will begin at 7:30.