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No ifs, ands or cigarette butts

While taking my daughter to school last week, a report came across the radio saying that the smoking ban in Lexington, Ky., was being toughened to include all workplaces and public transportation facilities.
The ordinance was first implemented in the Bluegrass city in April 2004 but previously exempted facilities of private organizations and work spaces that were not open to the public.
As I was pulling out of the parking lot at Corydon Elementary ‘ not five minutes after hearing the news brief ‘ I watched as the driver in front of me slowly rolled down her window, let a smoke-filled breath loose, then chucked her cigarette butt out onto Country Club Road.
Surely her ashtray must have been full, right? I mean, why else would anyone do that?
Look, my parents and one of my brothers smoke. I have friends who smoke. I have several co-workers who smoke. I go to church with people who smoke. This isn’t directed at the folks who light up and at least make an attempt to be courteous about their bad habit. To those who smoke and put their ciggys in their appropriate place after being extinguished, I thank you.
This is for the inconsiderate stove-pipes who flip butts out of their vehicles.
Most vehicles come with an ashtray; use the darn thing. If you don’t have one, I’m sure an empty coffee cup or an empty soda can will be sufficient. Department stores sell these little contraptions that are specifically made for disposal of cigarettes. When you get home or arrive at your destination, get out of your car and throw the can in the trash.
What’s so hard about that?
This is also for the ding-dongs who choose the parking lot to dump out their ashtrays. There’s nothing like walking to a store and seeing a mound of cigarette butts gathered together. There are green striped ones and brown tipped ones and some that even had a couple of more puffs left in them before the user decided to crush it out.
At best, what smokers are saying is that they don’t want the nasty remnants of their obtrusive habit anywhere near them either.
Do smokers think that cigarette butts aren’t litter? Haven’t they seen them all over the sides of the roads, on the sidewalks and in gutters? Do they throw them out the window because they don’t want to pile up stinking cigarette butts in their ashtray where they belong? Or are they just lazy, inconsiderate nincompoops who simply don’t care?