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Maymons cause mayhem as Corydon falls in final

The Maymon sisters of Silver Creek, Lindsey and Kristyn, caused plenty of mayhem for the Lady Panthers volleyball team as Corydon saw its road through the sectional tournament end in a four-game defeat to the Lady Dragons.
‘We just didn’t hustle tonight,’ said Corydon Central coach Kim Briscoe. ‘We didn’t get our chemistry going. We didn’t get our rhythm going except the second game. The second game we played like we were supposed to play, but we never played consistently all night. I don’t know what that is. I’ve watched this team do it all year.’
Silver Creek put the Lady Panthers back on their heels in game one, blasting out to a 16-7 lead. It was a hole the Lady Panthers were unable to dig themselves out of, with Corydon succumbing in a 25-12 loss.
Silver Creek also dominated the start of game two until Jessica Giuffre and Meghan Bussabarger got two kills to score, pulling Corydon back within one. The Lady Panthers kept the game tight as Giuffre aced on serve to tie the game at 15. Silver Creek then hit into the net, and Corydon had its first lead of the game.
Bussabarger added to that with a block that went in as a kill, then Giuffre aced again, with Corydon going ahead for an 18-15 advantage. Corydon then made two errors which allowed the Lady Dragons back within one. Silver Creek then slipped up, and Jenna Keinsley slapped in a shot for a 20-17 lead. At that point, Corydon held for a 25-19 win, evening up the match at one game apiece.
‘I don’t think they realized how hard they had to work,’ Briscoe said. ‘I think we did too much standing and watching too many balls hit the floor. We just didn’t play our best volleyball. The team that played their best volleyball won tonight so that’s the way it goes.’
The two teams had a trading session to begin game three, but then Lindsey Maymon went on a terror, getting four kills. Brittany Rayborn also added a service ace, and suddenly the Lady Dragons were up by an 8-3 advantage. Bussabarger tried to spark her team with a kill, but that was answered by Kim Jamros. The points bounced back and forth for the next several plays until Rayborn got three quick kills for a 15-9 advantage.
Silver Creek erred twice, then Keinsley killed and Silver Creek misfired again, allowing Corydon back within four. Corydon then broke down as the Lady Dragons rattled off the next five points. From there, it was all Silver Creek going on to win 25-14.
‘We didn’t block well at all,’ Briscoe said. ‘With a team this big, we should have blocked much better than we did. There’s no reason for that to happen. It happens. All you can do is put the kids in the right places and see what happens.’
The first part of game four was the kind of play everybody expected the entire match, with seven ties and four lead changes. Kristyn Maymon then killed twice for an 11-9 Silver Creek lead. The Lady Dragons held that edge until they made four costly hitting errors, allowing Corydon to take over with a 14-13 lead.
Corydon then had two more errors, and Kristyn Maymon killed again for a 16-14 Lady Dragon edge. Minutes later, Silver Creek rattled off six unanswered points as the Lady Dragons took a 23-16 advantage. Keinsley tried to keep Corydon in the hunt with a kill, but Silver Creek proved to be too much as Jamros and Shirley Jones finished off the match with back-to-back kills for the tournament win.
‘They’re 20-12 and they ought to be 25-6,’ said Briscoe of her team. ‘For their athleticism, they just don’t play with enough hustle to keep the game going in the direction they want it to go. They’re just a roller coaster kind of team. They were either going to get it all together or they were going to get out-hustled tonight, and I was pretty sure of that.’
Keinsley led Corydon with 11 kills, and Giuffre finished with eight. Bussabarger had seven kills for the night. Serving, Corydon missed five serves but had only two aces. The big problem was errors, with 23, most of which were unforced.
‘We were our own worst enemy,’ said the Corydon coach. ‘We made so many unforced errors that it was unbelievable. I knew there would be some pressure to it and I knew there would be some ups and downs, but I didn’t expect it to stay with such a point spread, which is what we dealt with. It’s easy enough to go back and look at it, but we just got outplayed tonight.’
The Maymons loaded up for a big night for Silver Creek with Lindsey getting 13 kills while younger sister Kristyn did better, punching in 17 kills for the match. Kim Jamros and Rayborn each had seven kills but Rayborn also added four service aces. Mollie Hamilton had six kills in her effort.
‘The bottom line is we didn’t play our best volleyball and we didn’t play consistent,’ said Briscoe. ‘Unforced errors will take any good team out of a game. That’s the way it goes.’
As for next year, Briscoe said she has a good nucleus coming back that should be just as competitive as this year’s team.
‘We have as much talent coming back as any team in this tournament,’ said Briscoe. ‘That’s a good thing. We didn’t get it quite together as a team, and then we had a setter and it was her first sectional. I thought she did OK. She got caught standing a few times. It’s all about talking and moving and everybody being on the same page. Volleyball is a game like that.’
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