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Exploding bottle in mailbox sends woman to hospital

A Corydon woman required treatment at the hospital Friday afternoon after a bottle exploded in her mailbox and sent its contents into her eyes and onto her face.
The 49-year-old said Monday that she was lucky her injuries weren’t more severe, and she wants to urge others to use caution if they find strange items in their mailboxes.
‘If there’s something in there (other than mail), don’t touch it,’ she said. ‘If I had known what could happen, I wouldn’t have touched it.’
Officer Michael Kurz of the Harrison County Sheriff’s Dept. echoed the woman’s advice.
Kurz is the officer investigating Friday afternoon’s explosion involving the woman. Despite rumors, he said there are no other current reports of similar incidences.
‘Mailbox mischief is a common thing, especially among juveniles, and especially during this time of year,’ close to Halloween, the officer said.
There have been the usual reports of mailboxes being smashed or damaged in other ways, Kurz said, but he knows of no other current cases where bottles placed in mailboxes have exploded.
Friday afternoon’s incident is still under investigation.
‘I think it was a random incident,’ said the Corydon woman, adding there was nothing to indicate otherwise. No one has tampered with her mailbox, she said, since it was smashed a couple of years ago.
After the liquid in the bottle splashed onto her face and into her eyes, she said her instincts kicked in and she immediately wiped it off, which prevented more serious injuries or permanent damage to her face. She was taken by ambulance to Harrison County Hospital in Corydon, where ER personnel used a numbing solution on her eyes and ‘ran a lot of saline’ into her eyes to flush out the mixture that had gotten in them from the bottle in the mailbox.
The woman encouraged people who find something strange in their mailbox to call the police rather than touch the item.
Kurz agreed.
‘It’s better to be safe than sorry,’ he said.