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State Representative, District 73

State Representative, District 73 State Representative, District 73

Dennie Oxley I, a Democrat, will try to retain the District 73 seat currently held by his son, Dennie Oxley II, who is on the ballot as the Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor. He is being challenged by Republican Steve Davisson. District 73 includes all or parts of Crawford, Washington, Clark, Scott, Jackson, Dubois, Perry and Harrison counties.
Steve Davisson, Rep.
Personal: Davisson, of Salem, who is married to Michelle and has five children ‘ J. Davisson, 26, a a sergeant in the National Guard and serving in Iraq; Chelise Davisson, 25; Andrew Davisson, 19; Brooke Davisson, 18; and Tyler Davisson, 16 ‘ and three grandchildren, is a pharmacist at DanMar Family Pharmacy in Salem. A 1976 graduate of Scottsburg Senior High School, he graduated from Purdue University’s School of Pharmacy with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1981. This is his first try at public office. Voters may contact him at [email protected]
Duties of position sought: Office sought is state representative for District 73. This district includes all or parts of eight counties, including Crawford, Washington, Clark, Scott, Jackson, Dubois, Perry and Harrison. The state representative represents his or her home district in the Indiana State General Assembly, passing laws, budgeting the state revenues, setting taxes and generally looking out for the best interest of the folks in the district.
Why are you seeking the office? I’ve been inspired by our young men and women serving in our armed forces. These people are giving of themselves to our state and our country. If they can give like this for their country, then we, too, should step up and contribute to our government and community. As a pharmacist, I talk with many Hoosiers about their concerns. I believe we can do better! We need to create opportunities and provide responsible government spending. Southern Indiana needs a strong voice in Indianapolis that will speak up for them and their best interests. For too long we have been represented by career politicians who sometimes forget who they really represent! I have a passion and desire to improve the opportunities and quality of life for all the hard working folks in the 73rd District.
What do you consider the top issues in the campaign? It is important to bring jobs to Southern Indiana. We must create opportunity for all Hoosiers to make a living and support their families. It is imperative that we create a business-friendly environment that will attract and retain businesses that will bring good paying jobs and benefits to Southern Indiana. Responsible government spending is also an important issue, making sure taxpayers get a break. It is important that we make property tax reform permanent and make health insurance affordable and accessible to all Hoosiers.
Have state legislators and the governor adequately addressed property taxes to reflect the growing demands of education, local governments, etc., while the national economy is faltering? Please explain. The property tax reform measures were a start, but there is much work needed to permanently remove the property tax burden off the backs of hard-working Hoosier families. The property tax cap amendment, SJR 1, proposed will put a ceiling on property tax forever, preventing future tax-and-spend legislatures from taking more from Hoosier taxpayers. The General Assembly can reduce these tax burdens below the caps through legislation but the taxpayer will be forever protected by the ceiling. It remains important that we adequately fund our education needs and provide adequate resources for local governments. Reducing wasteful spending and mismanagement will solve many of these problems.
What can the state government do to ensure that Indiana’s economy (specifically that of Southern Indiana) is strong? Indiana has been the beneficiary of many new jobs over the past four years. Southern Indiana hasn’t seen the job growth that other parts of the state have seen. We must concentrate on selling our district to businesses that will bring new jobs to our hometowns. We must make sure that the interests of the hard-working Hoosiers are put first and not special interests and lobbyists. The state can target specific regions in the state that have not experienced the economic growth and provide incentives for businesses to locate in those regions. Improving and modernizing our infrastructure is also a positive step towards attracting economic development. We must also ensure that Southern Indiana maintains a well educated and skilled labor force strengthening our economy and making us more attractive to investors. Most importantly, the state must not forget the small businesses and strive to encourage growth of our homegrown businesses. Small businesses are providing 80 percent of the new jobs being created in America and we must encourage and assist in entrepreneurship.
Other comments: The 73rd District is an open House seat this year as Dennie Oxley II has been chosen to be the lieutenant governor candidate for the Democratic ticket. He has been replaced on the November ballot by his father, Dennie Oxley I. I am not running to be a placeholder for any person or party but instead to work hard for the folks in District 73.
Dennie Oxley, Dem.
Personal: Oxley, 59, of Taswell, who is married to Beverly and has four children and six grandchildren, is a teacher for the Crawford County Community School Corp. He graduated from English-Sterling High School in 1966 and then earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Oakland City College and a Master of Science degree from Indiana University Southeast. He served 16 years as the township trustee of Patoka Township. Voters may contact him at 338-2339 or [email protected]
Duties of the position sought: Enacting laws for state of Indiana, helping citizens in House District 73 with any issues they have pertaining to state government.
Why are you seeking the office? To do everything I can to ensure citizens of District 73 will have a strong voice in Indianapolis. I want to make sure we receive our fair share of state tax dollars. I will listen to the citizens’ needs in our communities and try to help resolve them.
What qualifies you for the office? Former trustee of Patoka Township 16 years, lifelong resident of House District 73, experienced in negotiations with bargaining skills with large health insurance companies. I love this district and want to help people who need help.
Have state legislators and the governor adequately addressed property taxes to reflect the growing demands of education, local governments, etc., while the national economy is faltering? Please explain. The recent improvement of property taxes was a good start. The hard caps should keep taxes from rising back up the way they have in the past. The new tax structure must be monitored closely to make sure it is fair to all and not just the wealthy. We must make sure our schools K-12 are properly funded, our local governments of towns and cities and counties are properly funded as well as police and fire protection for our citizens.
What can the state government do to ensure that Indiana’s economy (specifically that of Southern Indiana) is strong? Make sure that monies targeted for state economic development are distributed fairly across the state and not just to the rich communities in central Indiana. I would work to make sure the communities in District 73 received their share of these revenues.
Other comments: The good people of House District 73 are hard-working, family-oriented, God-fearing people who want to be heard and want our hard-earned tax dollars to be spent in our communities to promote better jobs, better health care, better public education and a feeling of security and better a life for our children and grandchildren.