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South Harrison Community School Corporation, Harrison Township seat

South Harrison Community
School Corporation, Harrison Township seat South Harrison Community
School Corporation, Harrison Township seat

Voters in the South Harrison Community School Corp. will elect one person to fill the school trustee seat for Harrison Township. There are three candidates: James R. Bell, Larry Hauswald and Karen Lopp. Hauswald currently is the representative for that township.
James R. Bell
Age: 63
Address: Corydon
Spouse: Evelyn R. Bell
Children: Jason Boots (Emily), Aaron Boots (Anna) and Alicia Bell; three grandchildren
Occupation: Retired May 2007 from Harrison County Hospital Rehab Dept. office coordinator
School and year graduated: Georgetown High School, 1963
Additional education: B.A., Kentucky Christian College, Grayson, Ky., 1967 (theology/Bible); B.A., Indiana University Southeast, 1993, with honors (geography); M.A., Cincinnati Bible Seminary, 1983 (ancient near Eastern Antiquities); drafted by Army during Vietnam War with honorable discharge, 1969
Previous political experience: None
Duties of position sought: The duties of SHCSC school board are several. One is to make financial and educational decisions to the betterment of students, staff and the entire corporation. The board should also facilitate working relations with teachers and staff of the corporation.
Why are you seeking the office? This office has been one I have sought to obtain for quite some time. I would like to make a contribution to the community by supporting and sustaining quality education in South Harrison. My goal is to be open to the general public, teachers, students and other corporation employees.
What qualifies you for the office? The qualifications I have for this office are quite diverse. Education is important to me as you can surmise by the three degrees I have received. I have the ability to think through and then make decisions. These decisions would need to be based on needs of students, corporation and the general public. My feeling is I would make a good board member, who can think on his feet and is able to take a stand if the need should arise. These decisions would be made for the furthering of the students, corporation and on behalf of the voters who elected me in this ‘position of trust.’
What do you consider top issues in the campaign? When considering the issues and reasons for running the campaign, the first issue is the conflict of interest that is currently on the board. I purposely did not run for SHCSC school board until my wife, Evelyn Bell, retired from the corporation. My feeling is it would have been a conflict for both of us to be involved with the corporation at the same time. Also the issue of the grading system, or lack of grading system, needs to be revisited and re-evaluated. Is it a valuable tool or are we just teaching for testing? Shouldn’t our goal be with better education for lifelong learning? The board and corporation need to investigate new ideas and thoughts to vitalize this corporation.
Do you support the state’s recommendation to consolidate county schools as a way to save money? Why or why not? The state’s recommendation to consolidate would have saved money before all the money was spent on revitalizing and the building projects. As of now, consolidation would negate the benefits and be a waste of the taxpayer’s money. This issue might be reconsidered when the buildings come into major need of repair.
What can the corporation do to battle soaring health insurance costs? Health insurance is an issue all over the country. Shopping for other policies might be one way to cut costs. Though that should not be by cutting premiums on the back of the benefits of the employees. In the long run, that will cause less care given to individuals and cost more. Maybe preventative medical policies should be looked at. These policies allow payments for more preventative procedures, which would be cost reductive when it comes to catastrophic illnesses. Also with help from staff and outside sources, a physical improvement plan for staff could be made available. Better health helps prevent illness that lowers cost. As office coordinator at HCH Rehab, one of my jobs was to check out benefits for the patients. This makes me aware of insurances and their benefits.
What can South Harrison schools do to ensure its students are ready for post-secondary education or to enter the work force? Post-secondary education or not, that is the question. Students need to be counseled and directed toward better areas of employment. This could be which field of employment will be of greatest need at the time of their post-secondary completion. Does the student’s abilities or interests lie towards vocational training? Should the student be assisted in finding a job to meet his/her abilities? We need Better Education for Lifelong Learning.
Other comments: My analytical talents were of value while involved in a major building project as the chairman of the finance committee. It is my desire to complete an analytical comparative study. This comparative study would be of costs incurred by comparable-sized school corporations to South Harrison. What is our status for management, building expense, staffing, cost per student, etc., in reference to the size of our student number?
Contact information for voters: 972-2552 or 972-2551 (Evelyn Bell)
Larry Hauswald
Age: 64
Address: Corydon
Spouse: Carol Hauswald
Children: Jill Drury, Jeff Hauswald
Occupation: Retired teacher, actively involved in our family farm
School and year graduated: Corydon High School, 1962
Additional education: University of Evansville, B.A., 1967; IU Southeast, Master of Science, 1972
Previous political experience: School board, 2005 to 2008
Duties of position sought: To represent the students of South Harrison and the entire school community in improving the educational opportunities by setting goals and establishing policy for the school system. A board member must make decisions that will make our schools a better place for our students while representing the concerns of the community on important issues such as programs and a responsible corporation budget.
Why are you seeking the office? I am seeking election to this position because of my love for this community, for education and for students. As an elementary school and science teacher for 37-1/2 years, I have come to appreciate all that public education does for our children. I have dedicated my life to teaching and have loved seeing our students learn and grow into successful adults. As a board member, I have the opportunity to be involved with the local schools and to help provide guidance based upon the educational experience from my years as a parent, a teacher and a coach.
What qualifies you for the office? I have lived in this community for my entire life. I taught and coached for South Harrison schools for over 37 years. Additionally, I am a father of two children and a grandfather of two children. I have spent my life teaching, farming and parenting in this community. I have come to know so many people from this community. Because of these experiences, I feel I have a background that allows me to understand our schools and the high expectations our community has placed upon them.
What do you consider top issues in the campaign? I think the community wants a board member who will stay true to his or her personal beliefs and who will be a strong voice for the students, parents and staff members of the school district. We must provide a quality education for our students in safe settings while remaining fiscally responsible to our taxpayers. We must fight to give our students a competitive edge when they graduate from South Harrison. Other issues include the need to respect all of our workers with quality health care and fair pay, the need to improve communication with parents and the need to be efficient to safeguard our funds without compromising on the quality of education our students receive.
Do you support the state’s recommendation to consolidate county schools as a way to save money? Why or why not? No. However, let me clarify a couple of things. The governor’s recommendation is not to consolidate all county schools; rather, those that have a population under 1,500 students. Secondly, I have learned that small schools and small districts are very effective. I believe students should be educated in their communities. That being said, if a community and its schools decide to pursue consolidation, that is their prerogative. Again, it should be a local school district’s decision and not a decision by the state.
What can the corporation do to battle soaring health insurance costs? This is a problem everywhere. I think the corporation has to remain open to opening up the bidding process to allow greater competition. Additionally, we have to continue to pursue every means possible to lower costs without compromising the insurance plans. We also must remain aware of those who work for us and continue to make it affordable for our employees. Finally, we must strive to lower employee costs by allocating as much money as possible to insurance costs for our employees because there is little doubt that healthy employees save the corporation significant money through greater productivity.
What can South Harrison schools do to ensure its students are ready for post-secondary education or to enter the work force? This preparation starts from the time a student enters our care at kindergarten. Efforts such as full-day kindergarten and quality literacy instruction are key in the early grades as students must be able to read and write effectively in the elementary grades. At the secondary level, we must expand innovative programs such as the dual-credit program that allows high school students the opportunity to earn college credit. This allows students to save greatly on college tuition and may even reduce the number of years a student must attend college. Additionally, this allows students an opportunity to experience college while in high school and can assist with reducing college drop-outs. For those entering the work force, we must continue to provide them with classes in vocational education, the arts and core content areas so that they are prepared for the current and changing demands of our employers. We must also explore classes that our students are interested in and those that our community leaders see as important for future employees.
Other comments: Thank you for taking the time to study my ideas and beliefs. I appreciate your support in the upcoming election and the trust you will be instilling upon me as a board member for South Harrison. I believe in running an election based on my ideas and beliefs. I am very involved in the community and have spoken to many of you personally in the past few months. If you need anything or if you have any additional questions, I can be found at the phone number below.
Contact information for voters: 738-4035
Karen Sue Lopp
Age: 54
Address: Corydon
Spouse: Dale
Children: Tabitha Waynescott (married)
Occupation: Medical assistant/secretary
School and year graduated: North Harrison, 1972
Additional education: Graduate with Associate Degree from Sullivan Business College
Previous political experience: South Harrison school board, 1996-2000
Duties of position sought: Fiscal responsibility to the taxpayers; to promote better communication between administration, teachers and community.
Why are you seeking the office? The children of today will be our future. I would like to see them all well prepared when they graduate.
What qualifies you for the office? I served one term several years ago. I work in the business community and I feel that helps me keep in touch with needs and concerns of the school district.
What do you consider top issues in the campaign? They need to do away with the ICAN grading system. Other issues are taxes and overall accountability.
Do you support the state’s recommendation to consolidate county schools as a way to save money? Why or why not? No. When schools become large, even more children fall through the cracks.
What can the corporation do to battle soaring health insurance costs? They need to do price comparisons with multiple companies or possibly see if they could go in with the other county schools to get a better rate.
What can South Harrison schools do to ensure its students are ready for post-secondary education or to enter the work force? They need to hire and keep well-qualified teachers and they also need to expand the curriculum.
Other comments: I do not always agree with the administration. I will always vote what I feel is best for the children.
Contact information for voters: 738-1268