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Property tax statements may hit mail Oct. 15

Pat Wolfe, Harrison County auditor, said the goal to get the first round of property tax statements in the mail is Oct. 15, though it may take longer since this year’s bills have two pieces instead of one.
Wolfe said it will be more time consuming to keep the bill and the explanation of the bill, printed on a separate piece of paper, together.
However, despite the extra time, many taxpayers may be relieved when their bills finally appear, due in part to legislation enacting property tax caps and raising the Indiana sales tax.
According to the Indiana Office of Management and Budget, homeowners are estimated to receive savings on average of 42 percent.
Homestead credits are higher this year due to an increase in gaming revenue, garnered by sales of gaming licenses to race tracks in Indiana. This amounted to a 111.73 increase in the Homestead credit supplements. The sales of the licenses are one-time only events, Wolfe said, and ‘the only time in history that has happened.’
‘They’ve absolutely flooded our Homestead credit supplements,’ she said.
Wolfe also said the Property Tax Replacement Credit is being completely phased out next year, leaving only Homestead credits as property tax relief. With the cap on the property taxes at 1 percent, something a very small portion of Harrison Countians actually pay, Wolfe said she’s unsure how the relief can extend beyond one year.
‘I hope I’m wrong,’ she said.