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Rider arrested after vehicle crash kills horse

A horse was killed last month when it was struck by a car south of Corydon.
Maryann Russell, 21, of Corydon struck the animal just after 9 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 19, while a woman, Edreana G. Johnson, 26, also of Corydon, was riding it on S.R. 135.
Johnson told police she was riding to Mauckport when the horse was struck about three miles south of Corydon. Johnson, who trains horses for a living, said the horse, which she had had for a period of time, was blind.
According to the crash report filed with the Harrison County Sheriff’s Dept., Johnson said she had consumed a couple of glasses of wine before starting her trip to Mauckport. The rider told police she believed something scared the horse and it went into the lane of travel where Russell’s car then hit it.
According to Russell’s passenger, Tara VanFleet, they suddenly saw a horse running down the road in front of them and they tried unsuccessfully to swerve to miss it.
When Officers Michael Kurz and Libby Stinson arrived on the scene, they observed the dead horse in the roadway and Johnson was crying over it. Russell was trapped in her vehicle, they said.
Johnson was transported to the Harrison County Justice Center and initially charged with public intoxication and criminal recklessness.
Russell was transported by air medical ambulance to University Hospital in Louisville. Her two children, who were also in the vehicle, had minor injuries and were taken by ambulance to Harrison County Hospital in Corydon where they were treated and released.
VanFleet was not injured, police said.
Debbie Melton, who lives in the 3000 block of S.R. 135, told police she heard galloping and, from her front porch, spotted the horse traveling at a quick pace. She said she told her husband someone was going to hit the horse. Then, a few seconds later, she said she heard a crash and screaming.