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Tax rates received

The Dept. of Local Government Finance has sent Harrison County the tax rates for 2007 payable 2008.
County Auditor Pat Wolfe said her office received them late Friday afternoon.
‘We will have to calculate the taxes, an abstract will have to be created and approved by the state Auditor’s Office, Correction of Error filings will have to be entered on the computer, advanced payments will have to be posted and the rates will have to be published in the local newspaper for three weeks, after which we can begin to actually print the 30,000 tax statements and the 30,000 comparisons (with last year’s taxes) to be mailed out to the taxpayers of Harrison County,’ she said.
Harrison County Treasurer Carol Hauswald and Wolfe have agreed on collection dates, which the DLGF has approved. The collection dates will be Nov. 10 for the first installment and Jan. 12 for the second installment.
Wolfe noted that if both installments are not paid by the end of the year, they cannot be counted as a tax deduction on the property owner’s federal income taxes. However, no one is required to make the second installment until Jan. 12.
‘Please be aware you will be receiving your taxes as quickly as we can process them,’ Wolfe said. ‘The taxes are not calculated, and we cannot tell anyone a dollar amount,’ at this time.