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State of emergency declared

The Harrison County Commissioners signed a Declaration of Emergency at their meeting Monday evening. The State of Emergency went into effect at 5 p.m. Sunday following the wind storm from the remnants of Hurricane Ike.
‘It’s been an eventful beginning of the week,’ said Commissioner James Goldman, who chairs the three-member board. ‘We’ve had a tremendous amount of help from the community getting roads cleared. It’s been a great help to the community. We’ve still got a lot of before us. With a lot of planning, we’ll get it done and get through this.’
Goldman especially commended the farming community for using their equipment to help clear roads. The commissioners did not set a time for the release of the declaration.
In other business Monday night, the commissioners moved to award the rebid to Mac Construction for asphalt contracts regarding two roads encumbered from last year, Big Indian and West Haven roads.
The projects became an issue after Gohmann Asphalt informed the commissioners they would be unable to complete the road projects for the contracted price because of the increase in the price of asphalt.
‘I’d like to go ahead and give Mac (Construction) the go-ahead and have Gohmann pay the difference,’ said Commissioner J.R. Eckart. ‘That’d be the most fair to the taxpayers.’
Eckart made the motion to send a letter to Gohmann Asphalt asking for a notice to proceed by Friday. If a response is negative or not given, the a notice to proceed will be sent to Mac Construction on Monday.
The motion also gave the commissioners the ability to pursue the difference in cost per ton from the original contract with Gohmann Asphalt.
The commissioners wanted to make a move on the situation because the construction season is coming to a close, said Goldman.
The commissioners also made the motion to rebid the annual bids for asphalt.
Glen Bube, county highway department supervisor, said the cost to clean the fuel in the tanks at the old hospital is complete.
He said they gathered 11 barrels of debris from the tanks at $245 a barrel, which caused the price increase.
About $12,000, almost double what was requested for the project, was spent, Bube said.
Eckart said the gasoline still relates to under $2 per gallon.