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Commissioners prepare to ask for funds for EMS building

The Harrison County Commissioners made the motion yesterday (Tuesday) to send an additional request of $730,000 to the county council for the Emergency Medical Services building to be built near the Harrison County Hospital in Corydon.
Architect Jim Walker said the construction plans will be completed and ready for bid letting next week. The 8,400-square-foot building will cost an estimated $1 million, said Walker. The hospital board agreed to pay $270,000 for the building in a prior agreement.
The commissioners set the wage board for the building with Terry Miller as the commissioners’ representative and Carl Duley as the taxpayers’ representative.
The council will hear the request Monday and vote on it Sept. 22. The request is out of the cumulative capital development fund.
The council will also hear an additional of $100,000 for the South Harrison Water Co. to begin building the water line to the Norstam Veneers business north of Mauckport. Darrell Voelker, economic development director for the county, said the money will be paid back to the county through an Indiana economic development infrastructure grant.
In other business yesterday, Council chairman Carl (Buck) Mathes presented the preliminary 2009 budget numbers to the commissioners, which included a budget of $3.7 million out of riverboat funds. The council decided to budget many items out of the riverboat accounts instead of having the agencies come in and ask for the funding as additionals.
Commissioner James Goldman said he would like to see all of the money requested out of the riverboat as additionals, not budgeted items.
‘Why don’t we do them all that way instead of making it look like they’re a part of the county budget?’ asked Goldman. ‘It makes it look like you’re running at a $3 million deficit,’ he said.
‘We can go back to the drawing board,’ said Mathes.
The council will read the budget line by line at its meeting Monday night at 7:30 at the courthouse.
Mathes also spoke to the commissioners about the additional longevity added by the council for 2009; that pay still must be approved by the commissioners. The council provided the funding for $750 for employees with 15 years or more of experience.
‘We have some good, loyal employees in the county,’ said Mathes.
‘I think we’ve been very loyal with the insurance they have,’ said Goldman.
The commissioners took no action on the matter.