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Tip leads to recovery of 21 stolen firearms

Thanks to the help of an observant resident, an Elizabeth man whose home and barn were robbed Sunday morning will have his property returned soon.
The Harrison County Sheriff’s Dept. received a tip from someone who reported a vehicle near the 100 block of Elm Street in downtown Corydon that fit the description of a truck involved in a burglary in Elizabeth on Sunday between 10 and 11 a.m.
The truck had a log splitter and a Delta 10-inch table saw in its bed.
‘We kind of lucked into it as far as when we started our investigation,’ said Officer Marty McClanahan. ‘We got a search warrant and so forth, and everything just panned out.’
In an upstairs apartment, McClanahan and other officers who executed the search warrant recovered 21 firearms, including long rifles, muzzleloaders and four handguns, along with a cross bow, ammunition, muzzleloading equipment, a western knife and two silver dollars. Two other guns that were allegedly stolen have yet to be recovered, but McClanahan said he believes he knows where they are.
‘On the scale of recoveries, this one is pretty high,’ the officer said. ‘Normally you recover a lot of weapons, but you don’t have a lot of success in recovering everything that was stolen. In this case, we got almost everything back.
‘With all these weapons, you are looking at $15,000 to $20,000 worth of merchandise,’ McClanahan added, ‘so it’s a very good recovery.’
Two suspects of interest ‘ one from Corydon and the other from New Middletown ‘ were detained for questioning yesterday morning; however, their names have not yet been released pending completion of the investigation. The sheriff’s department was assisted by Corydon Police Chief Jim Kendall and Indiana State Police Det. Bill Wibbels.