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Dog bites hand that would feed it

Harrison County Animal Control Officer Bruce LaHue notified the county commissioners at a special meeting last Wednesday night of an injury he sustained on the job.
That afternoon, LaHue was unloading several dogs a resident had been brought to the animal shelter. After safely unloading two dogs, the third dog, a 50-pound terrier mix, was spooked by another dog trying to get out of the truck and took it out on LaHue’s left hand. A portion of LaHue’s middle finger had to be reattached with 10 stitches. LaHue also received three stitches on his pinkie finger and had an additional laceration on his ring finger. Thankfully, the bite did not cause any nerve damage, said LaHue.
‘This dog was just being a dog; it got scared,’ said LaHue.
‘Most people don’t realize the hazards you put up with,’ said Commissioner James Goldman.
LaHue said many people have dropped off their pets at the shelter because they can no longer afford to feed them. The animal shelter offers a free food program LaHue hopes residents will use to help feed their dogs. A form must be filled out to receive the five-pound bag of food, and LaHue can examine the living condition of the dog as part of the program. He has taken dogs away after examination in the past.
LaHue officially approached the commissioners to ask for permission to advertise a replacement for Yolanda Nixon, the full-time officer coordinator who recently resigned.
Commissioner Terry Miller made the motion, which was seconded by Goldman, to advertise for the position.
‘You’re good for go,’ said Goldman. ‘I hope your finger gets better.’
In other business last Wednesday night, the commissioners heard additional requests from Greg Reas, director of the county’s Emergency Management Agency and supervisor of the county’s dispatch services, for $7,100 for E-911 dispatch; $2,200 for overtime; $2,200 for the part-time line; and $2,700 for fuel, oil and lube for Reas’ EMA vehicle and propane tank.