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Wall Street’s woes reminiscent of the fall of Berlin Wall

Not so long ago the Berlin Wall fell and the free world heaved a big sigh of relief and felt a sense of validation that the Cold War was over and democracy and capitalism won the fight. That old Communist ogre was gone and we could feel good about ourselves, I guess. The idea that ownership by all for the good of all, lost to the idea of ownership by some for the good of all.
In theory, both ways of living would be nice if they worked, but as the human beings who enact the theories are innately flawed, a maligning influence starts to pervade life and, before you know it, you’ve lost the golden thread.
Communism dissolved because use of the Internet allowed populations to recognize finally that their leaders were not sharing as they were supposed to particularly. They didn’t share power. They didn’t share wealth ‘ what there was of it ‘ and they didn’t share information. It fell apart because of its heavy, heavy weight of hopelessness. This was a peaceful dissolution for the most part. Simplistically, I feel like the Soviet Union gave a mighty shrug of its big bear shoulders and realized that the game was up. They just couldn’t compete in this global world economy anymore with a hopeless inert workforce.
We should all be grateful that they didn’t drag out the inevitable.
Democracies are dissolving for all the same reasons. Power is becoming centralized in the executive branch. One man-one way of thinking. Wealth is not evenly distributed. The great power of democracies is its middle class, and ours is shrinking everyday. The few with the wealth are not interested in the good of the all. Information is very tightly controlled. We aren’t getting the truth from the government-sanctioned media. Our newest laws are about control of thought and action. What we say over our own phone lines can be listened to and considered in any way the government deems necessary. We are allowing our democracy to transform itself.
Both sides are going to meet somewhere in the middle or governments as we know them will disappear altogether. I tend to feel we’re heading in the second direction. Laws that stop at artificially drawn borders are becoming unwieldy because of the Internet, global trade and shrinking planetary resources. We just can’t have hundreds of countries on this small planet anymore. We affect each other too much.
Global corporations must step in and take over which, of course, they are as we speak. This massive market debacle is a result of the desire for money and power, the innate flaw, but it is also a result of new global trade at high speed when governing systems weren’t ready for it. This may be a painful and long-lasting transition from rule by law to rule by profit.
As a result of this upheaval, the current United States presidential race may be largely symbolic. A fairly substantial segment of the voting public feels in their bones that it is all meaningless, but they are fighting the good fight anyway. We continue to elect congressmen and women who are paid to legislate but, as we have seen already, are powerless to enact any real change. As long as we continue to playact our way through the election cycle, we will keep the peace and allow our democracy to continue its demise. The country may have chosen to go peacefully into that long, good night to democracy.
In the Soviet Union, the government gave up on itself. Here, it is the people who have given up on themselves. The big shrug in this country is all on an individual basis and not collective. I assume that this overwhelming lack of any protest nationwide over any of our usurped freedoms is just a collective willingness to keep the peace and let things run their course. We are in the same hopeless boat that those communists found themselves, but we’ve been rowing at it from a different direction.
We didn’t win when the Berlin Wall came down. How foolish. We should have realized that it was just the beginning of our own self-examination. In our own way, just today we announced a ‘socialization’ of the debt. Ironic, isn’t it? I can’t help but wonder if the remnants of the old Soviet system still breathing around the world are watching the taking down of our own capitalistic Wall Street with a sad or even gloating eye.