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BTW, U annoy me :(

Constant communication. The age of technology has succumbed our young generation and slowly taking in more people than I can handle.
There is an utter rudeness going on all around us, all while butchering the vast English language that has become a countless wide variety of word choices.
Look no further than Short Message Service each mobile phone provides, widely known as text messaging. Not soon after I have overcome the annoyance of people yapping on cell phones in grocery and department stores, the hot new thing of text messaging has arrived.
While recently standing at a teller’s station at a bank, the one to my left was occupied by a young female. Instead of appreciating the gracious customer service the bank provides, this girl whipped out her snazzy flip-out mini computer device and started going to town.
I wanted the teller so bad to say, ‘I just transferred your deposit into Brian Smith’s account; sign here to verify.’
While this girl texted her BFF, ‘OMG, 2nite ur havin ppl over,’ she turned her money over to me. It would have lightened the situation for me.
Yet text messaging gives me yet another route to blast the television show I love to hate: ‘American Idol.’ From what I hear, and definitely do not want to listen to, the popular karaoke contest has its fan base text who they want to win the show. In sports, the option of voting for the Most Valuable Player of the Super Bowl and World Series is through texting. You can have a joke of the day sent to you and receive updates on politics, sports and probably countless other options.
I guess at 10 to 20 cents per message (unless you purchase special plans for discounts) the cell phone companies have made bank. With the evaporation of land-line phones, I can’t wait for telemarketers to tap into text messaging. Texting survey answers back and forth will be so cool.
The lack of respect of this generation is starting to go too far. I admit I do the text messaging thing, but in a respectable manner at locations that won’t annoy others. Since I have contemplated writing this editorial, peers have brought to my attention some of the odd locations people have been seen texting. Movie theaters are an obvious victim, but two really have stuck: the dentist chair and in the classroom.
Who, while having their teeth scrubbed, wants to find the time to send a text message? Can it not wait 10 minutes? Constant communication is no LOL, and neither is the dentist chair, usually.
Then the classroom. My fianc’ admitted to discreetly texting in the college classroom. Her excuse was to keep her awake, and she said she only responded to those who sent her a text. I thought it was rude but wisely kept my mouth shut. She, I am sure, was not the only one doing it. I imagine texting in high schools are probably as prevalent as sneaking a smoke in the bathroom was long ago. These devices are becoming smaller and smaller, and probably harder to spot for teachers while they are attempting to do their job.
The language of texting is beyond terrible, and I doubt repairable. If you are going to text, use proper English spellings please, not plz. I know it is ‘Short’ Messaging Service, but why not spell out the word ‘are’ instead of ‘R?’
Using a TGIF and FYI are fine, but using acronyms that require a google search to figure out what they mean is nonsensical. Have a try at these I’ve come across: CUL8R, LYLAS, 143 or TTYL. For first timers, I’ll help out: See you later, Love you like a sister, I love you and Talk to you later. Store that in your wallet; you may need it.
Hopefully our language doesn’t disintegrate into these short forms of written and spoken word. I recommend if you want to be in the loop, you better do some research on text messaging acronyms.
FYI, I’m not J/K.