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‘Pennies from heaven’ found in Corydon

Gerald Saulman of Corydon, a member of the Harrison Township Volunteer Fire Dept., said he’d never seen anything like it during the 49 years he’s been a firefighter.
When Saulman responded to a phone call Saturday morning about pennies strewn along Capitol Avenue in Corydon between Walnut and Chestnut streets, he wasn’t expecting much, but it took him and some helpers about 2-1/2 hours to collect the coins.
‘There were some nickels and dimes and a few quarters,’ Saulman said, but it was mostly pennies.
He likened the scattering of coins to someone seeding their lawn.
Marshal Rolla Pirtle said fellow officer Matt Kitterman had told him about the coins just before 8 a.m. when he reported for duty with the Corydon Police Dept.
‘There were already people out there picking them up,’ Pirtle said. ‘I could hear them popping under tires’ as vehicles drove over them.
He said Monday that no container or bag had been discovered to indicate where the coins might have come from, but ‘they were pretty much discarded all over Capitol Avenue.’
Saulman was called because of this weekend’s annual WHAS Crusade for Children fundraiser, which the fire department always collects for. At first, he and his two grandsons were picking them up by hand. Pirtle later lent them a broom, which they used to sweep the coins into small areas.
‘A few other people stopped to help,’ Saulman said.
He eventually brought a fire truck to Capitol Avenue as a precautionary measure with traffic.
Saulman said Monday he hadn’t counted the coins, but they pretty much filled a paint bucket.
‘They were pennies from heaven,’ he said.