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Police discover human remains near Milltown

Authorities will not speculate on the identity of human remains discovered near Milltown, in Crawford County, early last week.
The site of the remains, unearthed Monday, April 28, was secured by Indiana State Police detectives and crime scene investigators until a team of forensic anthropologists could visit the next day. Their first priority was to determine the bones were human.
‘It was just remains, so that’s why you have to determine it’s human,’ Crawford County Prosecutor Cheryl Hillenburg said.
Since determining they were human, the remains, which were taken to the Indiana University Medical Center, will be examined to try to find their identity, Crawford County Coroner Chris Brown said.
‘That’s going to take at least a month (the forensic anthropologist) said,’ Brown added.
Hillenburg said investigators may be able to use dental records and mitochondrial DNA from the bones to find the identity.
‘We are currently in the process of trying to identify the remains and to gather as much information as we can,’ she said.
The Crawford County Sheriff’s Dept. assisted the Indiana State Police.
Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Indiana State Police at 1-812-482-1441 or 1-800-742-7475.