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HC Republicans elect Fluhr as new party chair

The Harrison County Central Republican Committee recently elected a new chairman.
Scott Fluhr, 28, was elected to succeed Larry Shickles, who had chaired the committee for several years. Fluhr was born in Louisville and is a lifelong resident of Corydon. He graduated from Corydon Central High School in 1998 and earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration in 2002 from Indiana University.
Fluhr said he has always been interested in history. His passion for politics developed mostly while he was away at college. His uncle, the late Fred Cromwell, who was advertising director for this newspaper for many years, also influenced his interest in politics.
‘I’ve been involved as a volunteer for a number of elections, especially after college,’ he said.
In early 2007, the Republican committee elected Fluhr as its treasurer. ‘I learned a lot about campaign finances’ during that year, he said.
Fluhr said he’s excited about working as the party’s chairman in a community that’s as nice as Harrison County.
He cited the history of the county, especially as the first state capital, and the benefit its residents have received from the riverboat opening in Bridgeport in the late 1990s.
‘Harrison County has to find a balance of people moving out (here) from Louisville … so we don’t lose the character of the county for the people moving in,’ he said. ‘It still needs to be a place people call home.’
With the influx of more people comes more change in the political arena.
‘I would guess there are more Republicans’ than there used to be, he said.
Two pressing matters facing Fluhr and the local Republicans is hosting the Lincoln Day Banquet on Saturday and preparing for the April 21 opening of headquarters off South Capitol Avenue in Corydon in the old Orwick Monument building, across from the Harrison County Fairgrounds.