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Tuchscherer sets 5 records at Arnold Classic

Corydon Central High School graduate Mike Tuchscherer set five American records in powerlifting at the Arnold Classic last week in Columbus, Ohio.
Tuchscherer competed in the Quest Invitational at the Arnold Classic, a part of the Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival, at the 275-pound weight class. He squatted 881 pounds, benched 639 and deadlifted 821 for a total of 2,341 pounds.
Tuchscherer, currently in the Air Force at Vandenberg AFB in California, beat out current world champion Tony Cardella by more than 100 pounds. He also had the best bench press of the competition and was named Best Lifter over legendary lifters Wade Hopper and Mike Bridges.
The total was the second highest in USA Powerlifting history, second only to Brian Siders, a super-heavyweight. The outstanding weekend resulted in setting five American records: Junior American Squat, Junior American Bench, Junior American Deadlift, Junior American Total and Open American Total.
Tuchscherer is training to become a missile officer. His training will be completed in April and he will move to Minot, N.D.
His future plans in powerlifting include to win Nationals in June, which will gain selection to the World Team in November. Worlds will be held in Newfoundland, Canada.
‘I think as long as things keep going as they are, I have a shot at winning Worlds this year,’ the 22-year-old said.