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One great party

There are those milestone birthdays that deserve a party: our very first, ‘sweet’ 16, turning 21, perhaps the half-century one, and then maybe every five years after that.
And also on that list you would have to include the 200th year of our town’s founding.
Corydon’s 200th birthday committee has several events planned during 2008 to take note of this occasion.
The first of these milestone occasions ‘ a dinner and dance ‘ was held Saturday, Jan. 26. The birthday committee, led by Pam Bennett Martin, began outlining the big bash more than a year in advance.
And what a party it was!
The 400 or so guests were in awe of the transformation of the Gerdon Youth Center, where many of the birthday revelers had attended junior high or high school when the Corydon school was housed there. The gymnasium looked like an elegant ballroom, with hundreds of white lights casting a festive glow while dozens of paper snowflakes dangled overhead. Local artist Leah Porter was the visionary for the special effects that were carried out by others.
The meal, prepared by Carrie’s Catering, had to be one of the best, with caterer Amy Valentine fixing enough baked chicken and roast beef to feed at least 400 then transporting the spread to the old brick building that doesn’t have kitchen accommodations for such an event.
And you can’t have a birthday party without a cake. Elvin Barksdale provided the sweet treats for the evening.
The Marlins, a band which got its start in Corydon and has evolved into one of the most popular groups in Southern Indiana, played a wide range of music that included tunes that had dancers twisting, doing the electric slide and dancing cheek to cheek.
And, as a special treat, the Harrison County Convention & Visitors Center had a premier showing of its new video that will be used to promote the county and help educate students, especially fourth graders, about some of Indiana’s history, specifically including the Battle of Corydon.
Many of the guests expressed the pride they felt to be living in Harrison County after seeing how Kevin Darst, Bill Thomas and Bill Doolittle portrayed it in the 14-minute video. There were many recognizable landmarks and familiar faces. Everyone needs to make a point to see it at least once. But you’ll probably want to watch it a second time. After reading the credits at the end, I realized there were details I missed during the first viewing and specifically looked for the second time.
So, if the birthday ball was any indication of what the committee has planned for the rest of 2008, we’re in for a real treat.
The next official event, set for June 7, will include the unveiling of the O’Bannon Memorial on the Corydon town square and an ice-cream social. Unlike last month’s dinner and dance, which had a waiting list for cancellations, capacity for the event will only be dictated by how many people can squeeze into the town.
I’m looking forward to the next installment of our birthday celebration. I hope you are, too! Let the birthday celebration continue!