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Refund checks close to being mailed

The refunds mandated by the state of Indiana for property owners who have homestead credits filed for their property are getting closer to being mailed out to the property owners in Harrison County, according to Harrison County Auditor Pat Wolfe.
First, a vender list with more than 10,800 names and addresses had to be prepared; Harrison County Treasurer Carol Hauswald had to check the properties in question to make sure there are no delinquent taxes owed.
The batch entry of checks has begun for Blue River and Boone townships. They will then be printed, signed by the treasurer and the auditor, folded and stuffed in envelopes, postage applied and finally mailed.
‘This is no small feat with 10,800 checks to go through the process,’ Wolfe said.
Wolfe said they intend to print the checks out by townships, going in alphabetical order.
‘When one township is complete, we will mail those cheeks out and begin on the next township,’ she said.
The checks will be coming to the people who received the 2006 payable 2007 tax statement. If there are questions due to the sale of properties, the buyer and seller will have to determine between themselves who is due the refund, which is normally determined at the time of closing between a buyer and seller. The Auditor’s office will not be involved in those agreements, Wolfe said.
The amount of the refund is determined by the assessed value of the property and the homestead amount allowed on the property, Wolfe said. Larger houses will get larger amounts, she said.
‘Please be aware this office will not be sending out 1099s for these refunds; the IRS informed us there was presently no 1099 in existence we could lawfully send out,’ Wolfe said. ‘However, this should be declared as income next year on your taxes, so you should save your check stubs.’
A note will be attached to each refund, informing the recipients who they have to thank for the refund, as well as a reminder to file this as income on their 2008 taxes.
Wolfe said there was no set date as to when this had to be completed. ‘Just as soon as humanly possible was the rule,’ she said.
There will be no interest added because of no set deadline ruling. If the checks are returned to the auditor, they are kept for one year; if not claimed, the money is returned to the Attorney General as unclaimed funds.
‘It is my sincere hope this will accomplish what the legislators intended and help the taxpayers,’ Wolfe said. ‘My office has endeavored to get this job done, working a crew after hours so as not to interfere with the already overwhelming load of work being processed in the daytime hours. Thank you for your patience and kind understanding.’